Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Safety In Numbers?

I am beginning to observe a strange phenomenon that I had seen, but wanted to confirm by more observation.

When the property market is quiet, few want to buy. "Buy now, buy now," I urged my clients. " But prices may go lower!"

Then I reminded them that my pastor had once mentioned that when prices are low, just buy, for no one knows when it is rock-bottom! And when prices are high, sell if you want to earn, because no one knows when is the peak!

Yet, when prices are really low, buyers continue to hesitate and when prices go up, people jump into the bandwagon.

I guess, it could be because people, like many of God's other creation, find safety in numbers. Like schools of fish, we like to swim together or do things together.
This could also be seen in the way some customers choose to patronise foodstalls or restaurants. When someone passes by a stall that has a long queue, the chances are that he will also queue up even though it is his first time. As for me, I am perhaps the freakish one. There are two shops alongside each other at Short Street. Customers who love bean curd dessert and drinks as well as stick dough, like to patronise the shop which is at the corner. I prefer to go to the one with lesser customers because I do not have to scramble for seats and I really cannot detect any difference in taste! I only know that for speed and convenience, and perhaps also out of compassion, I would prefer to give business to the one with lesser crowds.

When I watch my favourite program in Animal Planet, I am amused to find sheep flocking so closely together. It must be awfully warm to rub bodies with another sheep full of wool! The land is so huge, yet these animals must stay so close together - perhaps a little too close for comfort!

In conclusion, I guess the loving Creator always desires that his creation be living together in joy and harmony, so that everyone can look out for each other! Life becomes a little easier when we tap on each other's strength and talents.

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