Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? (3)

Like a marriage made in heaven, I believe that if a property were meant for someone, somehow, that someone would end up owning or renting it!

An excellent illustration is the following story shared by my client, Mrs. Tan. Even before I was born, someone had pointed Mrs. Tan to a lovely bungalow in the Tanglin vicinity. The land is of megalithic proportion and the bungalow has a unique architecture. Mrs. Tan went to look at the bungalow out of curiosity even though she knew that it was way above her budget, and that the owner had already received a firm offer of $100K.

As Mrs. Tan was looking around the beautiful house, the owner, a Caucasian gentleman asked, "Lady, how do you like my home?"

"Absolutely beautiful!" said Mrs. Tan

"Would you like to make me an offer," asked the owner.

"No, I'll be too embarrassed to offer you a price, Sir," muttered Mrs. Tan.

"Lady, the house is mine and the money is yours. Make me an offer," coaxed the calm and cool gentleman.

"I dare not make you any offer, Sir", Mrs. Tan stood her ground, knowing that her price would look ridiculous against the previous offer of $100k.

"I won't be offended," the owner continued to persuade Mrs. Tan.

"How about $80K?" said Mrs.Tan, somewhat sheepishly.

Dead silence for a few seconds.

Mrs. Tan thought it would be impossible for her to own the lovely bungalow and soon abandoned all thoughts about it.

One day, after a few weeks since their last encounter, the Caucasian owner called Mrs. Tan and said, "Lady, the house is yours for $80K. Please get the $80K cash ready within two days. I'm leaving the country!"

Mrs. Tan scrambled all over to raise the cash. The Caucasian gentleman told her that he had actually received an offer of $100K but he did not take to the lady buyer, and preferred Mrs. Tan as he felt that she would treasure his lovely home and probably live there for many, many years. What great discernment and foresight! Mrs. Tan and her great grandchildren and her mother were at one time living under one roof until the demise of her mother, and one of her daughters.

Hence, my dear readers, always enjoy yourself thoroughly when looking around for a property. Do some homework, and with your knowledge, agent's advice, gut feelings and a little faith in the One above, know that if a property is meant for you, it's yours. If not, let it go. If it is yours, it will come back to you.

Gan Chau

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