Monday, May 04, 2009

Kedong Dong Juice


The fruit stall which makes mouth watering juices from fruits and vegetables.

Kedong dong juice - uniquely delicious and thirst quenching!

Avocado milk drink - healthy and delicious!
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I had gone to show my client, Amelia's newly completed apartment at The Pristine Heights for rental. As it was about lunch time, we went to the neighbouring Pek Kio Food Centre. I was so thrilled to come across a fruit stall which sells Kedong dong juice. Kedong dong is a fruit that looks like a mango, but the fragrance and taste is unique. I love this juice when my relatives introduced it to me when I returned to Penang for holidays.

However, I could never find this drink in Singapore. Hence you can imagine my great joy! I also bought a glass of Kedong dong juice for my tenant, Jasmin, who had tried it before in Penang. Jasmin opened his eyes wide in amazement!

I asked the attractive lady who operated the stall about the juice. Ivy told me that as she hailed from Johore, she had introduced the drink to her boss who has also grown to love it. Once you drink it, you will never forget the taste!

The stall also makes a variety of fruit juices. I like their service because quality fruits are used and Ivy does not stinge. Even when ice is used, very little amount is put in the glass. It is really value for money. No wonder the fruit stall is always heavily patronised throughout the day! When you are around Owen Road, do not forget to drop by at the food centre and try Kedong dong juice!

Gan Chau

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