Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Old Wooden Rocking Horse


The unwanted wooden rocking horse

The hard wood could withstand my heavy weight!

When I arrived at my block after showing clients some properties, I was surprised to find an old wooden rocking horse thrown away at the rubbish bin at the lift lobby. I rocked the horse, and was surprised at its pristine condition. Hence, I decided to take it home, as my little nieces and nephews would enjoy rocking the horse when they come a-visiting.

I tried to sit on the horse and to my surprise, it did not creak under my heavy weight. I was able to rock the horse and enjoyed being a little child again! It brought back memories of the time when papa had put me high up on one of the horses in the merry-go-round. Though we were poor, papa always brought us much joy by his thoughtfulness and sacrifice. He always made sure we had the best he could give us, while he would stinge on himself.

It is amazing the things that people would throw away, even things which are still in very good condition. Anyway, I am at least comforted that it is a wooden object that has been thrown away and not some living pets! Once I was at the Pacific Mansion to do an open house and was shocked to find two cages of 8 hamsters discarded at the lift lobby which were later brought to the garbage dump by the cleaner. I asked to be given the two cages and saved the hamsters on time, or they would be crushed alive in the incinerators! The hamsters were later put up for adoption.

Now I am so happy I have something at home to entertain my little guests.

Gan Chau
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