Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oo-lah-lah! Designer Bags!


The lovely handbag that can also be used as a "backpack".

A more stophisticated "document" bag that is not only branded but chic!

I came back from my ensemble rehearsal at 10.30 pm, somewhat tired but happy. Every 2nd Friday evening of the month is my happiest and that is when I play the violin with the younger musicians. I smiled when Mr. Yan was so gentle yet authoritative when he spoke. Some of the children had come back late after the five minutes break, and as the ensemble continued to play, he gestured to the kids to remain standing at the entrance and to keep quiet. When we stopped playing he addressed the kids, "Why did you come back late? Next time, don't repeat. Now, come and sit down and practise." My teacher was gentle, yet firm.

I was surprised when Carrie, my ex-student, handed me two lovely Bonia bags when I reached home. Carrie had come back from America and is staying at my apartment for a little while. Carrie said I often like to dress in black and that my bags are also black in colour! Sometimes she helped me to carry my bag, and she did not like the bag made of recyled material with the words, "Renner Piano Co." printed on them. I had bought the recyled bag for only $1.00. I like the bag because it is light, and has the pictures of piano keys printed on them. "Not sophisticated enough for a successful agent like you, Choo", asserted Carrie. "You stinge on yourself and yet, are so generous to others," added Carrie.

No matter how little money I have, if I were to be frugal, I always believe I can still afford to give...even if my giving were like the widow's mite. Even if I could afford to, I could never bring myself to pay a few hundreds or thousands for a handbag. The money could feed my three orphans for a couple of years!

Nevthereless, I was grateful to Carrie for her kind thoughts. It is the first time that I own branded handbags! And wow! There are so many pockets and compartments where I can organise my things! A million thanks to you, Carrie!

Gan Chau
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