Monday, November 02, 2009

Bibi's puppies are now learning to walk!


One little two, little three, little four steps!

Bobby, the proud father, giving his little one a piggy back ride.

Bobby, looking so proud and contented with Bibi and newborn puppies!

I look great, because both my papa and mama are also good looking dogs!

"Wow! The puppies have grown. Didn't see them for a few days and they are so big now. And can even walk!" exclaimed my lovely neighbour, Helen.

Helen has been very kind in often cooking delicious food for Bobby and Bibi whenever she has time. Irin, the dogs' owner proudly told us that now, Bobby has accepted the puppies! Amazing animal instinct.

The puppies look so cute and adorable. It is amazing that Bibi would lie down contentedly for the puppies to have their meal times. Sometimes, the puppies would pull at the nipples a little too hard, and it is wonderful that Bibi never snaps back but demonstrates her mother's love for her pups.

When I look at the pups it reminds me of the stray dog in Clementi where I used to live. The dog, whom everyone affectionately calls Lucky, is very clever and obedient and dog lovers in the neighbourhood just dote on her. I had been extremely busy at one period and hence did not get to see Lucky for a while. When I saw Lucky again, I realised that she had enlarged breasts which meant that she must have given birth!

I also found out that she has been adopted by a kind neighbour, Uncle Lim, a retiree, who lives in the next block. Lucky's new owner told me that she had given birth to 8 puppies in the void deck and the Authorities had taken the puppies away! How cruel! They should at least have waited for Lucky to breast feed her puppies so that her milk could be taken by the puppies who could have a better chance to fight for themselves. This was the reason why he decided to adopt Lucky.

It is amazing how Lucky could go up and down on his own using the lift. He would wait till someone gets in. By then, all the neighbours know her new owner lives on the 12th floor and they would press the button for her. I am glad that Lucky can still roam around on her own, and still have a home and food to come back to.

As my friend, Melinda, likes to say, "I'd rather have a dog for a friend than ten human beings as lousy friends."

Indeed, over the years, as I become more interested in animals, especially dogs, I realise I have learnt so many things, especially on what it means to be faithful, forgiving, and loving unconditionally.

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