Sunday, November 15, 2009

Growing Up Together .....


Gloria and Phoebe enjoy playing with the puppies

Sophia is going to beg his parents to get them a dog soon!

United we sleep, together we wake up!

Puppies always have winsome looks!

On one of those rare Saturdays when I do not have house viewing, I enjoy staying at home to watch my favourite Vasantham Channel which shows Hindi movies. Hence, I was surprised when my nieces turned up at my door.! They had wanted to go to Sentosa Island but lost their way. Hence they decided to visit me instead!

The kids were actually eager to see Bibi's puppies. When they last saw Bibi, she was heavy with pups and was due to deliver soon. Now the pups are able to walk and even spar with one another! They have tiny teeth coming out and as Bibi is weaning the puppies, Irin also starts giving them soft food. They particularly love food made by Caesar. It gives me much joy just watching the puppies romping and playing with each other! Amazing! Just a few weeks ago, they were still sleeping most of the times, unable to open their eyes. Irin said that when she calls the pups by their names, they respond and would walk towards her!

Helen, my neighbour is adopting two pups and everyday, she would cook food for Bibi. Around the 5th of December, the puppies would be given to the respective adopted "mummies". Till todate, neighbours who have heard of the puppies have been popping around to ask Irin for a puppy! Hence I am fortunate that I will still be able to see four of Bibi's puppies growing up as Irin is keeping two of them and Helen is adopting two puppies. The puppies all look alike to me but Irin and Helen can differentiate them. I dare not go over everday to see the puppies for fear that I would be tempted to adopt a puppy.

What is this world without four-legged creatures? They make our lives more interesting and colorful!

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