Friday, November 13, 2009

Much Ado About Names for Dogs and Pandas

My friend, Rose, visited me yesterday. She would visit me at least once or twice a month when we would have fellowship and a meal together. Sometimes she would buy or prepare some food or I would cook lunch and we would chit chat or listen to music. Rose used to be a hairdresser, and though retired, she still retains her skill. Hence, she would trim my hair for me whenever necessary.

An animal lover, Rose is also excited about the prospect of the gifts of two pandas by the President of China. I shared with her my worry about the panda having the same name as me. "Ya, hor. Possible leh. Moreover Choo Choo is such a cute name, and you also remind me of a panda....yuan yuan, round round!", teased my mischievous friend.

I told Rose they already have a panda named Yuan Yuan. I really hope the name of Choo Choo will not materialise, or history will repeat itself! I will get teased all over again just like when I was in primary school. Friends would say, "Hey Choo, I thought I saw you at the zoo last week!"

I shared with Rose about sister Lee Lee's smugness and confidence that her name will never be used for the pandas.

"Am not so sure about that. Don't forget our Prime Minister's surname is Lee, and so is his papa!"

"For diplomatic relations, the Chinese will never name their panda Lee Lee lah," I said, and hence eldest sister is quite right!"

I told Rose about Irin's six puppies. She is keeping the eldest pup. Irin calls the first born, Brian. Her god sister, Carol is adopting a female pup and she is called Urn Urn, quite a nice name. I have urged Irin not to use Brian for the dog, but as his parents are called Bobby and Bibi, she wants to continue with a name starting with B.

"Maybe you can call him Bong Bong, but not Bang Bang. If you happen to shout for Bang Bang, someone might think there is some shooting going on!"

I also shared with Rose about our deceased beloved mongrel with the name of "Lai Im". Mum was adamant with the name she had chosen. One day, seeing that Lai Im had run off, mum shouted, "Lai Im, come back!" Suddenly a lady passing by kept turning her back, and she walked towards mum. "You call me?"

"Oh no, am calling for my dog....her name is Lai Im".

"Why must you all use names meant for human beings?" asked the lady, somewhat exasperated.

I can never forget that day, and promise myself that should I ever have a pet, I would give it a real doggy name. Hence my three pets are called, Kamlette, Kambobo, and Kam Xiaobai."

I hope the pandas will be given names like Puan Puan (for the female panda) and Gao Gao or Kuan Kuan (for the male panda). Gao means intelligent. Kuan means tall and majestic).

What's in a name? Plenty!

Gan Chau

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