Monday, November 30, 2009

Happiness is ......(21)


My beloved friend, Soh Wah, with her goodie bag for me!


Soh Wah won a lucky prize and she gave me the lovely prize of handmade boxes

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

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While I was heaving brunch with my client, Amelia Ching, at our favourite food centre at Pek Kio Market, I received a call from Soh Wah, my best friend. She wanted to meet up with me at Dhoby Ghaut after her errand later in the day. I agreed to meet her. It was only later that I realised I should watch the Hindi program at 4p.m. Hence, I called Soh Wah to tell her that perhaps I should meet up with her at her office during lunch on week days.

To my surprise, Soh Wah said that she did not want to lug the bag of things around and hence would take the train to Little India. Soh Wah usually drives her Mercedes, and hardly takes public transport. I was concerned she would lose her way and gave her directions. Punctually, she arrived, and I took her photos.

"Aiya, you make me feel like a tourist!", exclaimed my bubbly friend.

"Here you are! Two tickets for the concert at Victoria Concert Hall this coming Friday. I want to give you this lucky prize which I won and this is the book I know you'll enjoy. The "Art of Racing in the Rain" is written from a dog's point of view.
Great book. Please read and return to me. Bought you some snacks from Chiengmai".
Soh Wah explained that her family would buy books from a store and after reading, these books could be returned at a discount. Hence their collection of books would be minimised.

Soh Wah is not your typical Singaporean. She never has a television in her home all these years. Her two sons, including her husband, Yew Tien, love to read. There are two grand pianos, an upright piano, twenty over violins and some other Chinese instruments and a huge collection of books in her home. Her two boys are also musically talented and play many instruments.

I had asked Soh Wah not to check out of the station, so that she could continue her journey home. I noticed an MRT officer watching us with keen interest. The authorities do not really allow people to hand over things in this manner, but he reckoned it was a one time off, and hence he left us alone. I bade my friend, goodbye, with a spring in my steps and a song in my heart.

I continued watching my Hindi movie. As I was in a somewhat lazy mood, I did not bother to cook, but enjoyed the snacks Soh Wah had given me for dinner. Happiness is when we have good friends who go the extra mile for us! And mind you, Soh Wah is a very, very busy lady as she is one of the top ladies in her bank, and her aged mother also lives with her. Apart from her busy work at the bank, she also helps her husband in his work eg. when he produces cds of his works and when he has important functions and concerts to attend. She finds time to drive her two boys to school and music classes.

When Soh Wah works, she dresses very smartly. I always tell Soh Wah that she should give talks on time management for I am sure, many people will be inspired. Soh Wah tells me that she has daily plan, weekly plan, monthly plan and even yearly plan! She reminds me of what Pastor Derek Hong had once mentioned in his sermon, "Give a busy person a chore, and somehow he will find time to complete it." Indeed, Soh Wah is one lady whom I would like to emulate.

Gan Chau

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