Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Miss Bollywood


Cute and winsome Ayana



Ayana with her proud parents, Anu and Avinesh

Since I live in Little India, I thought it would be nice to take in some tenants from India. I can learn some Hindi from my tenants and perhaps learn to cook some Indian cuisine.

For about one and a half years, I have Ashok, Avinesh, Anu and Jasmin staying at my apartment, albeit at varying periods. When Anu was expecting her first child, she returned to India for a while so that her family could help to take care of her. Now both mother and child have joined Avinesh, who has since got a whole rental apartment for his family.

When I first saw Ayana, I smiled. She is so cute and adorable. Dressed in colorful clothes with silver trinkets on her little wrists and legs, she reminds me of the actresses and dancers from Bollywood! She is so lively and is ever ready to smile! The Indians are blessed with very lovely features - big, sparkling eyes, sharp noses and lovely complexion and raven black hair.

I am indeed grateful to my parents for having introduced Hindi movies to me ever since I was able to read in English for I could read the subtitles and enjoy the movies, and this memory of Bollywood movies has been etched in me all these years. Now, I am adding more movies to my repertoire, as Jade Cinema is within walking distance from my apartment. Best of all, I am blessed with the opportunity of meeting and living with the people from India in cosmopolitan Singapore! Indeed, I am looking forward to attending Jasmin's forthcoming wedding in India!

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Anonymous said...


the memory of Indianmovies is that whenthey sing they always jump from tree to tree !

what is that so ?


The Oriental Express said...

No more, my dear. Now their dance is intricate and beautiful! And with so many change of clothes for each dance, excellent plot and great looks, Hindi movies are not to be missed!


Anonymous said...

yes, indian ladies are beautiful, big eyes and so elegant in their saris.

In fact, most of the indians have very good posture - the result of infant massage which was actually started by them centuries ago !! The westerners learn and commercialise it nowadays and it costs an arm and a leg to learn from them


Anonymous said...

yes I teach baby massage and massage in schools program in primary schools.

My next training course in on Dec 5 & 6 in MISP at Quality Hotel. Do you know anyone who might be interested ?