Thursday, November 05, 2009

Just to Ponder......

A friend, Soh Yah, sent me this email, and it sent me pondering over the issue.
My readers can read the email and start pondering too, and form their own opinions.

However, I must confess that ever since I read of how doctors always recommend chemotherapy for cancer, when it could be a better alternative to let patients try to get healed with the soursop fruits, or tea made from soursop leaves, I have become quite suspicious of drugs and vaccines. Is this the reason why so many doctors from the West are now coming to the East to explore and learn about herbal remedies?

"Hi everyone,
This is really important message. Please read it and pass on to everyone
you know, especially your loved ones and your friends. Do not fall into
the trap of these pharmaceutical companies. They are only interested in
their financial gains and not our health. They literally own our health
from the day we were born and as such are controlling our health
throughout our lives. They inject us with various types of vaccines from
the day we were born and they try to feed us with all the various
patented drugs throughout our lives. This is probably the main
why there are so many types of sicknesses and diseases now as compared
to 50 or 100 years ago. Please continue reading the message below and
you will get the picture.
Best regards,
-----Original Message-----

Guys, I'm Emailing you because I'm
bloody scared about something.

I created my Facebook group for fun, and to use it to market my
businesses to people. What I'm doing now totally
kills my ability to do that, but I don't care. This is important.

I'm a qualified pharmacist. I've been researching the swine flu vaccine
that our government has bought for us (using our money, by the way) and
its DANGEROUS AS. Its easy a hundred times more dangerous
than the swine
flu itself, Imo.

Something that freaked me out is that several swine flu vaccine
manufacturers have asked governments to give them an exemption from
lawsuits, in case the vaccine caused harm in people. If you made a
vaccine that you knew worked, then
why would you need a legal exemption in case it hurt people? Massive
warning sign. They don't believe its safe.

The swine flu itself has killed about 2/3000 people total. The regular
flu kills 40 000 plus per year - so why are we
freaking out about swine flu, and not normal flu? Does that make sense?

If the regular flu kills 40 000 plus per year, and the swine flu only
killed 2/3 000 - then why are governments
it in advance, giving it to us for free, and giving drug
manufacturers immunity to legal cases against them?
Does that make sense? No.

The swine flu vaccine contains 2 horribly dangerous compounds - one is
called thimerosol. It is made 50% of mercury.
It binds to receptors in your brain, and basically causes brain damage.
Is it smart to be injected with thimerosol,
and get brain damage, dropping 10 IQ points and going dumb, in order to
avoid getting a flu that kills 95% less
people than regular flu? No.

The other horrible ingredient is called squalene. Squalene
accidentally tricks your immune system into killing your own cells,
which creates autoimmune diseases like asthma, multiple scelerosis,
diabetes, and a bunch of diseases that we don't have a name for yet
(because squalene hasnt been used for that long, and we have little
on its effects)
- is is smart to inject yourself with that stuff, in order to avoid a
relatively mild flu, like the swine flu? No.

If you're a pregnant mother about to take Panvax, ask yourself this -
why would you take Panvax, when it contains
Neomycin and Polymyxin B Sulfate - both of which exhibit positive risk
to unborn children - so as to avoid what? A
mild flu, that kills 95% fewer people than the regular flu?

Look, I'm a funny guy. Yeah, I make good Facebook groups. People join
them by the thousands, and laugh. But I'm also a qualified pharmacist.
I scored in the top 0.1% of my state in school. I'm expert at critical
analysis of drugs and their effects on humans. And let me be blunt - if
someone came up to me with a syringe full of swine flu vaccine, or
came near my family with one - I would take the needle off them
poke them with it myself - followed by several
very hard punches. This stuff is poison. Don't take it. Don't let your
friends take it. Don't let your family take
it. If some idiot in a lab coat asks you if you want it, ask them about
thimerosol, squalene, and why the company
making it wants legal exemption from being sued, and watch their face
go into "OMG! I'm being asked serious questions
that I don't have the answer to" mode.

Anyway. I hope you're all well. Chat to you on Facebook sometime :)"


George Mamouzellos

Bachelor of Pharmacy

University of South Australia

Frankly, the above should not bother me, for I too am a believer of natural healing. The Creator has given us so many herbs, fruits and vegetables that help us to fight diseases, etc. that I am wary of having intake of things that are chemical. For example, instead of taking panadols when I have a headache, I would prefer to massage my forehead with tiger balm oil or go for foot reflexology.

Sister Ean Ean taught me a remedy for gout. I do not suffer from gout, but I will share with my readers the recipe which again proves that the Creator has provided us herbs, vegetables and fruits for our good health.


Wash two medium sized potatoes Brush it to ensure all dirt is removed. Cut into small pieces with the skin intact.

Pour seven coffee mugs of water into a pot. Bring the water to a boil.

Lower the heat, and simmer for one hour. Drink the water. After three to four days of intake, the excruciating pain from gout will be eliminated!


Boil two sweet potatoes with the skin intact. Mesh the potatoes, and add some honey and serve.

The sweet potatoes and honey sooth the stomach, and help to ease the discomfort from gastric pain.

I often brew Chinese herbs instead of always heading for the pharmacy. I believe in the old fashioned way of maintaining good health and that is to have sufficient exercise, sleep and good and healthy food.

I am reminded of the wordings, "Men spend their whole lives to get wealth; at the end they spend their wealth to get back their lives."

Hence it is vital for us to learn to let go; to learn when enough is enough.
Let others have the chance to create their own wealth; we do not have to earn all the wealth in the world because man is merely a mortal.


The Oriental Express said...

Thanks Choo,that's why I'm not going to get the vaccine unitl much...much later :-)

Those kiasu people can be guinea pigs.......:-)

Warmest Regards

The Oriental Express said...

You are so clever!

Like you, I always believe that god must have built in us something to fight invaders from outer space! If we keep injecting with so called man-dsocvered vaccines, our bodies will never have the chance to learn and right.