Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happiness is .......(18)

Everyday, I receive forwarded mails from my friends. I always feel happy when I read the forwarded mails.

In days of yore, I had seen some grandmothers putting spoonfuls of porridge into their mouths to cool the porridge before feeding them to their grandchildren. Of course, it was not the most hygienic thing to do, but people were less informed in those days. But the gesture was certainly one of love. I get the same feeling when I read forwarded mails by friends. It is as if they have already read and digested the articles, and felt that they were worthy to be passed on to be read.

Hence, I know that the articles must be interesting and worthy of being read. There are so many reading materials to be read, and choice becomes easier when friends forward the articles. In turn, I would also forward to some friends and relatives. Some of my friends who are not so computer-savvy, have even requested me to forward my blog articles to them. Some of the articles that my friends forward to me are so wonderful that I save them in a separate file so that I can re-read them when I have time or when I want to look for some information.

Hence, I am puzzled when a couple of friends have written to me, telling me not to forward them articles. Of course, I comply, but it often more than not, means an eventual non communication for a great length of time, and at the end, absolute non communication and the friendship gradually tapers off!

It is my belief that everyone who is literate must always carry on the habit of reading. No matter how busy a person is, he somehow will always find the time to read, for reading is like eating....sometimes a perfunctory action, but is nevertheless, a crucial habit. For as Sir Francis Bacon had said, "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man."

It is ironical that people who have missed out on the opportunity of education, yearn to be able to distinguish the alphabets and Chinese characters. My two good friends, Amu and Rose who are illiterate wish they could read. Rose is taking up elementary Chinese and I try and help Amu to recognise simple words. Sometimes I would read out interesting articles to her, or show her interesting pictures on my computer. When I mention her in my blog, I would read out the article to her. Happiness is seeing the glow on Amu's face. Sometimes when I told Amu that I have appeared in my company's top thirty agents' advertisement, she would buy the Straits Times and cut out the advertisement and show it to her friends!

By now, having read the 18th article on happiness, my readers must be convinced that happiness can be gleaned from simple things - simple action such as receiving forwarded emails from my friends and relatives - for it means they love me and remember me and want to share with me what they have enjoyed.

So, my beloved relatives and friends, keep on forwarding articles to me. And remember to smile too, when you receive my forwarded mails.....

Gan Chau


Anonymous said...

understand your viewpoint on this, but I also understand the friends who have asked you not to forward them. They are probably happy to read things you have written yourself, but just find it a burden to try to keep up with dozens or hundreds of forwarded items a week. Remember, it's not just you who are doing this, many people like to.

I've gone through an evolution on forwarded emails. For quite a while a felt I should read them all if some friend had sent them. Eventually that came to take up so much time that I had to rethink my priorities. Was it right to spend so much time reading emails, mostly with content from the internet, on things I wasn't necessarily very interested in myself, instead of being with family and friends or actually doing things? I eventually decided it wasn't. So my approach now is to read mostly what I'm interested in and delete the rest. And it sure isn't because I don't like reading. I read for hours every day, and most of it is for love!

Anyhow, everyone has a different approach to this issue, which has just emerged in the last few years. The equivalent in the old days would be if you received not only all the junk mail we do receive, but also dozens of brochures, film clips or even books in the mail every week. Would we feel we had to read it all? Most would not. And many would wish to have it stopped.


The Oriental Express said...

Hi James, have you received the souvenir publication from my brother-in-law yet.?

I read forwarded emails from friends and relatives only. Those sent by companies or strangers - just delete them without opening for they may contain virus.

My tenant had helped me with my computer....junk mails immediately go to spam.

I receive consistently from friends like Fernando, Pradeep, Mike, etc. and they are usually great stuff which I forward to others....not all....especially for my niece Ning who prefers to read a certain type of materials only. For emails that take up too much space eg. paintings, etc. I only forward to relevant people who would be interested only.

Do forward me anything you would like to share.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we got it on Monday, and I have already read quite a bit of it. Thanks for reminding me to let you know, Choo Choo.

James Dunlap
Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Choo Choo

I will certainly do that ! I enjoy reading your articles too !