Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happiness is ........(20)


Popular Bollywood superstar, Amitabh Bachan

Aishwarya Rai - she is as talented as she is beautiful.

Dancing with Amitabh and Abishek Bachan - father and son
Aishwarya Rai, with Miss India and Miss World titles to her name.

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Happiness is staying at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching my favourite Vasantham channel which always features a Hindi movie between 4.00 to 7.p.m. However, I am rarely at home because Saturday is usually a busy day which is filled with house viewing or toastmasters' meetings and contests.

Hence I often try to arrange for viewings either on weekday evenings or Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon so that I could have the opportunity of watching my favourite Hindi programs.

Once I realised that my favourite movie, "Tare Zameen Pare", a movie directed and acted by Amir Khan was going to be shown on television. It is a story about a little boy who, unknown to his parents, was suffering from dyslexia. Even his teachers and classmates were unaware of his problems. It took a new arts teacher to spot the boy's problems, and encouraged by the teacher, the boy soon learnt to read and write, and won the best prize for his painting which was chosen be the cover page of the school's magazine.

I smsed to as many friends as I could, as I wanted to encourage them to watch the movie. One of them, Foon, later told me that she enjoyed the movie, and cried a bucketful of tears. She never realised that Hindi films could be so wonderful and it dawned upon her that the actors and actresses are really good looking and beautiful! My friend, Jeanelle Tan, enjoyed the movie so much that she started asking for more titles.

When I realised that "Ghajini" was going to be shown, I again smsed to my friends.
When Jeanelle realised she had to miss the program, she went to borrow a vcd from the National Library. I was extremely happy when some of my friends from toastmasters' clubs thanked me for recommending them the Hindi movies when I met them during one of the speech contests.

I had been privileged to be introduced to Hindi and Tamil movies by my parents. Hence it is also my happiness to recommend the movies to my friends so that they too will start to appreciate and realise that Indian movies have improved tremendously.
Gone are the dances around coconut tress. They are now portraying beautiful dancers with intricate steps and brilliantly-colored costumes. What I enjoy most about Indian movies are the plots that sometimes even confound me.

I guess when we watch Indian movies, it is value for money. We get an extra hour or two with the same price for the tickets to other movies.! "What is Your Rashee?" showed for 3 hours and 45 minutes! Watching movies at home gives me the opportunity to exercise at the same time, while watching movies at the cinema is great for the eyes and ears, with the big screen and good sound effect. The movies are not only entertaining, but they always leave spectators with an important message to carry home.

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