Sunday, November 01, 2009

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? (14)

My client, Miss Ong, had sent me an sms, informing me to get in touch with the developer's contractor, because her tenants had complained of white ants attacking the parquet flooring in her brand new condominium!

When I called the developer's contractor, to my surprise, he asked, "Are the ants small or big? If small, no need to worry lah. Some people, hor, also complain about small ants."

"Oh no! You should get rid of the ants when they are small. If they get bigger, all the wood in the apartment would be gone. And if they get any fatter, why, the building, may even collapse! You don't play, play, hor," I replied somewhat exasperated and amused at the same time.

Poor Miss Ong. As a high flyer, she jets around the Asia Pacific Region, and I do not want her to worry unnecessarily while she is still in the Philippines on business, handling tough clients and an unfriendly weather.

I was relieved when I received my client's call, just before the commencement of the Division S Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest that she had arrived in Singapore, despite an impending typhoon that threatens to hit Manila on the very day of her departure.

Never underestimate the power and danger of white ants. Little insects like ants are even more cooperative than human beings. They are tiny yet tenacious and united, and an army of hardworking ants can destroy furniture and buildings, if not exterminated on time!

Sometimes when I am lazy or feel like giving up, I think of ants and their unique characteristics and I pull up my socks again. I am God's highest form of creation, and I must never allow any of his lesser creation be more diligent, united and tenacious than me!

Gan Chau

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