Friday, October 30, 2009

Happiness is ......(15)


The first bloom of adeniums after 4 long years!

Flowers make my world go round!

The adeniums spread out in a circle, and if I were to cut the flowers they would make a natural crown of flowers on a lady's head.
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Four years ago, when I decided to join Dennis Wee Group, I wanted to move nearer when the comapny was then located at Park Mall. I realised that the hdb flats in Chinatown were costly, especially for those where Chinese are eligible to buy.

Hence, it dawned upon me that it would be more realistic for me to get a unit in Little India as it would be cheaper and morever, I could even walk to my office at Park Mall. Hence, when I saw an advertisement put up by my colleague, I quickly called up to say that I was interested to purchase the flat, and that there was no necessity for cobroke, as I would pay my commission as a purchaser.

I confirmed my offer five minutes after viewing, as I found that the mrt station was just about 40 seconds walk away from the block! Yet, the block is quiet and breezy.

The owner of the flat had left behind a pot of adenium plants at the corridor. I had learnt from my colleague that the owner had passed away, and hence the sale of the flat was handled by the surviving sister. It was amazing that three months after I moved into the unit, the adenium plants were still thriving well! It had been watered by the rain that came into the corridor of the block. The sunshine has also strengthened the plants.

As I added more and more pots of herbal and flowering plants, I realised that my adenium plants had lots of white fungus. I almost wanted to throw away the whole pot, but decided to cut off the stems and leaves instead. The plants grew again, and this time became more healthy, as the leaves were shining.

Recently, I discovered some buds coming out of the plants and I was so oooo thrilled!
The plants had started to bloom with flowers after four long years! Everyday, I watched the buds growing bigger and bigger. Now the flowers are in full bloom!
The flowers are very lasting, probably because they have taken so long to bloom. Adeniums are also known as "desert roses" which probably explain their hardiness.

I showed Pastor Singam the photos of the flowers from my digital camera when we had lunch. I shared with him about the plants. He said, "It is interesting. The same analogy goes. When we don't give up on something that seems to be deteriorating or dying, we can give new life! If parents continue to persevere with their delinguent children, one day, the children will realise and change. If teachers don't give up on students who fail, one day, the students will improve and pass their exams.
Choo, now you are reaping the harvest of your labour and perseverance. The flowers are here now for you and your neighbours to enjoy because you had not discarded the plants when they were attacked by fungus."

I usually like to keep my windows and main door open so that more air can flow. From my room where I am typing this article, I can see the adeniums blooming resplendantly. They fill my heart with joy and contentment.

Indeed, we can never quite estimate the power of flowers in our lives. Flowers are a constant reminder to me of the awesomeness of the Creator.!


KoSong Cafe said...

Ms. Kam, I meant to ask if you know about Pamela Ong's son (aged 37) who passed on recently (read the obituary advert in The Star).

Anyway, about the desert rose, as the name implies, it cannot stand too much water, a point some people do not know. So be generous with water (frequency rather than quantity, reason for its aerial roots) but sparingly (I suppose not daily, if direct watering) on the desert rose. I am not an expert but got it from someone.

The Oriental Express said...

Yes, you are right on about the water and frequency.

No, have not heard about the demise. What happened? Was he sick? Though I was secretary to Pamela Ong, I never asked her many questions. Just the workload was enough to keep me on my toes.

Miss Ong is also quite a reserved lady, so I hardly ask her personal questions. I am also the type who talk little. Am more or a thinker and I prefer to pen my thoughts in writing.



KoSong Cafe said...

Just read my comment and noticed the mistake of omission of the word 'orchids'! Getting more careless.

I have no idea because I had read the obituary advert only, and father's name was mentioned as Lim Kean Siew (deceased).

Talk little as mentor of Toastmaster club? Anyway, must be a good speaker.