Friday, October 30, 2009

Happiness is .....(14)


The Matriarch of the family running a restaurant selling pig trotters. Fuxui and Funan as young adults, are so lucky to still have a grandmother living with them.

Fuxiu and his father going to great lengths to explain the complex relationship when his youngest sister, Funan marries his wife's brother, Renyu.

The two ladies who will become in-laws the second time again!

The beautiful and capable daughter-in-law of a well known family, Xiuxian

I am grateful to papa for being a lover of movies. He would often bring me and my second sister, Ean Ean, to the cinema to watch Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Japanese and Thai movies.

Nowadays Korean movies are getting more and more popular in South East Asia, especially Singapore. Our Media Corp has been showing Korean movies on Channel U.
Happiness to me is coming home and looking forward to watching my favourite movies. Currently, my favourite is Daughters-in-Law.

Through the movies, we learn of the culture of the Koreans and how the daughters-in-law get sandwiched between adhering to tradition and moving with the times. I like Fuxiu's grandmother. Although she is stern and could be somewhat fierce, yet she sometimes relents and shows her understanding and compassion. How I envy my friends who still have grandmothers in their 90's! I never had the chance to see both my paternal and maternal grandparents, for they had passed away before I was born. I find Fuxiu's grandmother quite endearing and if I were to meet her personally, I would like to give her a real, big hug!

Blur as I am, I never realised that it is not quite the norm for the Daughters-in-Law to be shown as it is - in Korean language. I only found out when my good friend, Fong Wah brought me some home cooked food for dinner and she asked why the movie was not dubbed in Mandarin.

"Don't know. It has been like that all the time. I do not mind, because I can learn some new Korean words and sentences," I replied somewhat sheepishly.

After a hard day's work, all I want is to stay at home without having to exercise my vocal chords. Hence, happiness is being involved in activites like watching TV programs, blogging, reading, cooking, cleaning, etc.

"Daughters-in-law " is both touching and hilarious, and gives us an insight into the Korean way of life.

Movies add colors and greater perspectives to my life!

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