Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amazing Animal Instinct


Bibi, looking so good and sweet, even hours before delivery

Doting owner, Irin, preparing a new bed for the expectant mother

Still dazed from her surgery, Bibi appears aloof when the puppies are brought to her by Dr.James Tan

Now the doting mother is somewhat protective and possessive of her 6 puppies!
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Irin shared with me that now Bibi is somewhat protective and possessive of her pups. With so many people coming to visit Irin and her dogs, Bibi shows her unhappiness especially when visitors all go to take a peep at the cute and adorable puppies.

Irin also shared how Bibi would wake her up, as if telling her that it is time to feed the pups. As the puppies' eyes are still closed, they need to be guided to suck their mother's nipples. The puppies are fed every two hours. Amazing! How does Bibi tell the time?

Through this happy episode and excitement of Bibi's delivery, I have become, ahem, quite contemplative and philosphical! I have always wanted to visit pet farms at Pasir Ris to look at all the puppies, but hardly have time to go there and now, with Bibi and her 6 puppies next door to my apartment, my eyes have been opened to a world of wonder and amazement!

I found out that the puppies grew extremely fast during the last week because the final ex-rays showed prounounced heads of the pups, such a sharp contrast over the ex-ray taken just a week ago. It is like as if the Creator does not want animals to suffer too much, and accelerates the growth of the youngs towards delivery time. When Bibi had some bleeding, Irin was worried that one of the pups could have miscarried. When Dr. James Tan advised a caesarian for Bibi, Carol, Irin's god sister and I, urged Irin to go for it. Dr. James Tan's fees are quite reasonable, and more important was the safety of Bibi and her pups. Thank God that everything went well. None of the pups had miscarried! Best of all, Bibi's ten breasts have more than enough milk for her six puppies! Most amazing - the breasts only became extremely pronounced after the birth of the puppies! Irin and I had worried unnecessarily!

How wonderful of the Creator to let bitches carry their pups for only two months in their wombs instead of nine months! Yet, sometimes I wonder why animals could be so protective of their youngs, whereas we have some mothers who abuse their own children - offsprings they have carried in their wombs for 9 months or 270 days! My heart ached whenever I read such cases, particularly the previous one where the 7 year old child who died of hunger and malnutrition had weighed only 9 kilos, almost as heavy as Toby, Gayatri's little pug who weighs 8 kilos! To be heavy with child is not physically comfortable. I remember when I was in Primary Six, I saw eldest sister's very huge tummy when she was expecting my first nephew, Samuel. I cried quietly, thinking how painful and uncomfortable it must be for Sis. It is wonderful that most mothers usually have one baby at a time, instead of six or more. This is
why human beings have only two breasts. However, I am also thinking of mothers who produce triplets and quadruplets. Will there be sufficient breast milk for the babies?

Irin will be keeping one of the puppies as this will be Bibi's one and only litter. The other five puppies have been reserved by good friends who are great dog lovers.
When I had Kamlette, my mixed Golden Retriever, I did not want to breed because I know I cannot bear to give away any puppy, and will probably end up like the lady with 101 Dalmations! Now I am contented to be a paid or voluntary dog-sitter for friends and dog-owners.

Our Creator is so awesome and artistic! Somehow 10 breasts look quite alright on a female dog, but imagine how awful they would look on a human being! The lingerie and washing machine and detergent manufacturers would make tons of money!

Through this exciting episode of Bibi's delivery of her pups, I have somehow grown closer to the Creator, and have become even more happy and cheerful, knowing that the One who cares for His creation, big and small, is one brilliant Creator who holds the four corners of the world together.

Gan Chau

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