Friday, October 23, 2009

Happiness is .....(11)


Specialist Clinic H is busy, yet efficient

The apples look so succulent on the basket. Fruits donated by Specialist Clinic H.

Cheerful volunteers helping to raise funds for needy patients.

The super-clean and "chic" toilet at Specialist Clinic H
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I had woken up early and sent an sms to Dubai to enquire about Toby's arrival.
Gayatri replied that she has not heard from the agent yet. I had gone to sleep early the night before. Even when I am worried, I can still eat and sleep well!
Now my readers will understand why it is difficult for me to lose weight!

When Gayatri informed me of Toby's safe arrival I was so ooo ooooooooo happy. I thanked God for having given Toby a safe trip. I was so engrossed with Toby that I almost forgot my appointment with the Orthopaedic Dept. of SGH at Clinic H. The pain in my back and leg has greatly diminished and I almost thought of cancelling the appointment. I was afraid my good friends, Soh Wah and Jasmin would nag at me again. Hence I decided to quickly hail a cab and phoned the clinic, informing that I would be late.

In my rush, I had forgotten to bring my referral letter and the staff informed they would have to ask the Bukit Merah Polyclinic to email/fax the letter.

It was quite crowded and I thought I would have to wait for a long time. To my surprise, someone called my name, and after gathering my bag, newspapers and books, I could not find the person calling my name. I thought she might have come from Room 2 and I was wrong. Just then I heard my name being called and found out the specialist was at Room 11. The doctor had the ex-ray emailed to him and he showed me the bone that was pressing on my nerves. He did a test on my back and leg, and to my surprise, I did not have any pain. The exercises that Wendy and Jasmin had recommended were excellent and instrumental to my recovery. The orthopaedic surgeon asked if I would like an MRI and I told him I would not want any surgery. Hence the doctor recommended me to come back to see the physiotherapist. I had been so cheerful because I was so relieved about Toby and in my absent-mindedness, the staff found my "blurness" quite amusing. When I came out of Room 11, I found out the the reception had closed for lunch, but when a staff heard my request, she obliged to help me fix up another appointment.

To my surprise, I did not have to pay a single cent, as I am a blood donor. I found out that I am limited to $25/- per day at specialist clinics. The specialist's charge is $25- for consultation. I was given some prescription. However, I noticed that the prescription was the same given by the doctor in Polyclinic. Hence, I decided not to take the medication, as I still have some.

Wow! In all, it had just taken 30 mintues! Since I had time, I decided to help myself to an apple. The staff told me that the apples were always put on the reception after 11a.m. in case some outpatients are hungry. So generous! The apples on the basket reminded me of the baskets of fruits that are put out on the reception of some hotels in Taipeh. As I was munching on the crunchy apple, I observed that the staff was always polite and cheerful.

Even the toilet in the Singapore General Hospital are so clean and fashionable. There is even a floral display on the wall.

On my way out, I saw some volunteers manning a stall which sells lovely blouses, earrings, bags and other accessories. They help to raise funds for poor patients who visit the hospital. I bought a lovely blouse for my sister Ean Ean and some other earrings so as to give some support.

I went home, feeling extremely happy. We are so fortunate to have such great amenities. The hospital staff is efficient and on the ball. I had brought my newspapers and two books to read, thinking I had to wait for hours on end!
Life in Singapore is indeed a many splendoured thing when we count our blessings and name them one by one.

Gan Chau

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