Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wonderul Neighbours - Wendy and Sufie (2)


Wendy with Sufie at Pierce Reservoir Park

A poem beautifully and persuasively written

Pierce Reservoir Park - Lovely and serene

Wendy with Sufie and Toby at East Coast Park
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Wendy is a dog lover. She loves all types of animals which probably explains why she is a vegetarian. A health-conscious lady, it is no surprise that she looks good and vibrant for her age.

Wendy is quite versatile for it is through her that I become inspired to eat more healthily. As a yoga instructor, she has also taught me some breathing exercises, and when I shared with her about the pain in my leg, she showed me some exercises to improve blood circulation. A gardener, she is knowledgeable about plants and herbs. She grows so many herbal and flowering plants in the corridor of her apartment. Wendy has given me many useful tips on growing healthy plants.

Wendy's 13 year old dog looks just as good as his mistress. His eyes and gait are excellent for his age. Wendy shared that she often gives her dog massages. It is amazing how Sufie understands his owner's words. The first time when Wendy invited me to go to the East Coast with Toby, Sufie was kind of jealous and barked incessantly. Wendy said to him in a stern voice, "Now, Sufie, if you don't behave yourself, you're not going to the East Coast, ok." To my pleasant surprise, Sufie stopped barking and remained quiet throughout the outing!

When Toby's flight was delayed, we went to the Pierce Reservoir for a morning walk. Sufie did not quite like the place, and refused to walk. It could be due to the weather. The air was still with hardly any wind. Can you imagine wearing a fur coat in this weather? We can understand how the animals must be feeling in this heat. Wendy shared that she bought a car because of her dog, Sufie. She wanted to be able to drive him around. What a lucky dog!

A good cook, I have tried some of Wendy's delicious vegetarian food. Once she gave my tenant and me some Indian vegetarian good, and Jasmin was impressed with the authenticity.

When we hear of some neighbours fighting like dogs and cats, it makes us happy and appreciative when we have wonderful neighbours.

Gan chau

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