Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happiness is .......(9)

Wow! I have written nearly 1,260 articles in my blog and have garnered almost 67,000 hits with 100,800 pages read by bloggers in Singapore and throughout the world. Some readers come from countries which I have never heard of like Faroe Islands, Czechia, etc. Hence, sometimes I will look into the web to check out more on these countries. As a result I also learn!

When I first started my blog on 15th November 2005, I made a resolution that I would like to write at least 365 articles a year ie. an article a day. I am glad I am on target, not in terms of quantity but in terms of discipline and effort. It is not easy to write after a hard day's work. I find my eyes closing before the computer. It is easier to stay awake when I am doing something more active such as watching the television and at the same time, doing aerobic exercises. I guess I will be able to write more when I completely retire from work, and receive full recognition as a senior citizen with various discounts in transport fares, medical treatment and air travel.

I am thrilled when some readers described my articles as "Chicken soup for the soul", and one reader even wrote that she has made it a habit to read my blog article in the morning as it uplifts her and helps her to walk with a spring in her steps to the office, especially on black Mondays!

I have never earned a single cent from my blog partly because I do not know how to go about it. More importantly, my best friend, Soh Wah, told me that with advertisements, the blog will appear to be quite messy. Since I want my blog to be a legacy for my nephews and nieces and their children, it is more crucial that I write regularly with insight.

Perhaps, in future, I will publish my blog articles and entitle the book, "Ginseng Soup for the Heart." At first I thought of "Kiam Chai Ark Tng for the Heart" (Duck with Salted Vegetables Soup) but I guess ginseng is more appropriate and well known. The heart is the seat of all human emotions, and if we constantly guard our heart, we will be able to keep it healthy and oozing with love, compassion and joy. Happiness is knowing that you have helped to make others happy with your little contribution. In the process of blessing my relatives, I am happy that my readers are encouraged and inspired too.

Gan Chau

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