Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happiness is .....(10)


Toby, getting ready to fly to Dubai.

The people and company responsible for sending Toby off to meet her mistress, Gayatri in Dubai.

A rare teddy bear - souvenir limited edition of Singapore Post

Mustafa Membership Card

My heart was very heavy as the day drew closer to Toby's departure to Dubai. I was worried about her safety as Dr. James Tan had said, we could take a 50-50 chance of flying Toby as she is a pug with a short nose, is overweight and is 6years old. However, since the vet who serves the animals sent by Mitchville K-9 Kennel had convinced Gayatri that Toby would be alright, her owners decided to take a chance. When I carried Toby up to put her in the cage, she tensed up and her body stiffened. I had to pacify her and talk to her gently that it was alright and that soon she would meet Gayatri, her mistress who misses her so much.

Prior to Toby's departure, I had cried buckets, as I could feel Toby's fear and stress. It would be her first flight. Would she think that I have abandoned her? Toby had to visit the vet twice and the first time, she was beside herself with joy when she returned, as if relieved that she had not been abandoned.

I walked to the Post Office at Kitchener Road to post and register some letters. I saw that the cd/radio player on sale was quite cheap and bought it as it also came with a free gift of radio/alarm clock. Just then, a cute little bear caught my attention and I asked the staff for the price. She told me that the bear was just a decorative item, and not for sale. However, seeing that I liked it, she spontaneously told me that she would give it to me as a gift. Wow! How generous! The lady was also very nice when I told her that the cd player would be too bulky for me to lug to my violin class at the Braddell Heights Community Centre. I asked if I could pick up the items after class. Though the post office closed at 5.00p.m. the lady assured me that I could knock on the door between 5.00p.m. to 6.00p.m. as she would stay behind to do some work. Wow! How accommodating. As I was walking towards the MRT, suddenly the heaviness in my heart was lifted up. I was extremely happy as I felt so blessed. I like soft bears but am particular about designs and purpose. I specially like souvenir bears like those given out by hotels and during special functions. Though the toy could never replace Toby, I felt comforted by the surprise gift.

During the violin class, Clement, Mr. Yan's nephew, accompanied my teacher and me on the piano. I enjoyed playing "Minuet" by L. Boccherini. The piece is so beautiful and happiness is when Mr. Yan gives me a tick which implies I have passed, and can proceed with learning new pieces.

On the way back, I saw that Mustafa was advertising some kind of membership card. My sister, Ean Ean, is an ardent shopper and fan of Mustafa. I decided to register for the card, and was impressed with the efficiency of the staff. No forms to fill in ( I detest filling forms). Just hand over my identity card, and give my contact number orally while the staff keyed into the computer. The staff asked me to put my index finger on a little glass, I was asked to look at a camera on the computer, and hey presto! the card was ready! I was told that I need not even bring the card when shopping. I could just put my index finger, and the record will be shown! This suits me fine, for I am one forgetful person where cards are concerned, which explains my phobia for credit cards. Shoppers will be able to earn points with membership cards and some other privileges will be given. However, all these will be confirmed in November when the use of the cards will commence.

Who says Singaporeans are the most unhappy people in Asia? Sure, we have our ups and downs, but with so many things to be thankful for, life in Singapore is indeed a many splendoured thing.

Gan Chau
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