Sunday, October 04, 2009

Commuters Who Don't See or Feel !


The lady carrying the little girl on the left of the train after embarking at City Hall Mrt Station

The same lady carrying the little girl on the right of the train as it plies along Bedok vicinity

I had often stuck my neck out and risked the displeasure of commuters when I told them to vacate their seats for a pregnant mother or elderly passenger who looked frail or a passenger carrying a child. However, during this one trip I thought I would observe the commuters in the train.

A lady with a plump three year old child had entered the train. It was quite crowded and the little girl insisted on being carried up. The doting mother obliged, and was rewarded by the dimpled smile of the daughter. I was observing the commuters seated on the priority seat but the gentleman pretended that he did not see anything, and continued to close his eyes.

As the mrt was arriving at Eunos Station, I could see that the mother was getting somewhat tired, and since the train was not so crowded, she moved to the other side of the train, and lowered the little girl. Barely a minute or two, the little girl insisted on being carried up again. I looked at the commuter seated at the priority seat, and he just glared at me, oblivious to the mother and child. I pretended to talk to the little girl, asking her to give me a sweet smile for my camera and clicked the photo.

Another friend of mine shared with me how she had to carry her two year old son throughout her train journey from Sengkang to Dhoby Ghaut. No one stood up to offer her a seat.

Life could be made a little more pleasant and easier if people could show a little more consideration and compassion. Commuters who are so wrapped up in their own world and who sit in the train with poker faces or shut eyes will be even unaware if a terrorist were to be seated next to them! Everyone has a role to play towards protecting the nation and not just depend on the government for peace and safety.

Gan Chau

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