Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When My Home Becomes Abuzz....


My cute little nieces, Phoebe, Gloria, Debra and Sophia

My nieces love dogs - seen with my neighbour's dogs, Bobby and Bibi (before giving birth to 6 puppies)

Samuel, my nephew, getting ready to drive everyone back to Johore. Sis Lee Lee at front seat
My nieces with their mom, Dea and maternal grandmother

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Eldest sister Lee Lee is retired, and with budget airfares so affordable, she often flies to see her sons and their families in Johore and Singapore. Sister stayed with me for 3 days during her last visit. She loves Singapore and is full of admiration for our government. Sometimes I teased as as to why she did not marry a Singaporean man instead. But as Sarah's mother has sung, "What will be, will be."

Sister is always diligent and active. She is not someone who can just let time pass by without doing anything. She would always help me clean up and reorganise my somewhat messy apartment. I always lament that I should have been born a son instead of a daughter. I am the least domesticated amongst papa's three daughters. I like cooking, no doubt, but dislike housecleaning. Maybe I had been housecleaning in Canada for 4 years when I was a studnet so that it now becomes a chore. Too much of something is never too good, remember? Anyway, lame excuses! excuses!

My four lovely grand nieces are active kids. They are bright, lovable and warm. Their doting parents Samuel and Dea often bring them to Singapore on a weekend. Will ask them to come and stay for a couple of days during their school holidays so that they can visit the zoo and other places of interest without having to rush back to Johore.

I am glad I can adapt easily to all situation. I enjoy my solitude when I am alone in the flat. I also enjoy the noise and buzz when I have many visitors. My favourite tune on the violin is, you can guess it, "Home Sweet Home".

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