Thursday, October 15, 2009

The PAPa who cares......

Yesterday, I received an sms from the Singapore General Hospital which read,

"MS. KAM CHOO CHOO, REMINDER FROM SGH: U have an appt on 23-Oct-2009 11.15a.m. at SPECIALIST OUTPATIENT CLINIC H. Pls call 63234327 if u wish to change ur appt."

Of course I remember such an important appointment. Nevertheless I appreciate such thoughtful gestures. Now my readers can understand why I describe the PAP as PAPa who would also remind us to mind the gap and to stand behind the yellow line when we are at any MRT station. Throughout my life, I never keep any diary of appointments because I have trained myself to store appointments in my memory cells. Safer this way, because they cannot get lost or stolen.

I am so happy after receiving the Sms. I thank God for our good government, safety and protection from natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, etc. I thank God for prospering the nation. I thank God too for my good friends, especially Soh Wah, Amu,Choon Lian and good neighbours, Wendy, Irin and Helen who always look out for me and my good tenants Jasmin, Avinesh, Bill Tan, Stella, and Bao Yi Wei and many others who often help me. Soh Wah is like my "mother-in-law" who always nags at me for being frugal on myself. She nags at me for not wanting to see a private specialist instead of waiting for a little while to see the specialist at the SGH. As a blood donor, I get highly subsidised rates and free consultation and medication at polyclinics. Better still, I am made to feel like a VIP for I do not have to queue up, as I have priority treatment. Even my ex-rays do not cost me a cent. Soh Wah recommended me the Chinese doctors at Toa Payoh for acupunture. I went there because it costs only $4 per acupuncture treatment.

The ex-ray had shown one of my back bones pressing on the nerves which is why I had been having pain on my left leg and hip. Sometimes when the pain was excruciating, I would take the tablets the doctor had given me. The doctor had also prescribed vitamin B to help ease and strengthen the nerves. Wendy and Jasmin had shown me useful exercises, and now the pain has been greatly lessened. The doctor had assured me that surgery would not be necessary - physiotherapy is the recommended preference.

Sometimes when I write articles in praise of PAPa, I received some "tsk tsk" from disgruntled readers. I would encourage these grumpy readers to think of people suffering from earthquakes and natural disasters and how PAPa would be quick to also help these unfortunate nationals. I would also encourage these grumpy readers to think of nations whose leaders have been fattened with extra wealth that should have been distributed to the poor and needy. As a writer who has been to 38 countries and who was born in Penang, but lived in Singapore for 28 years, I am confident of my stand. I choose to be happy and contented. Didn't someone say that happiness is a choice? :-)

Gan Chau


Anonymous said...

Grateful to have a Good Govt. Better still to have check and balance for greater graciousness, transparency and accountability - these are biblical truths.

70% in Scriptures mention politics as art and science of governance.

Singapore is fortunate because most of our policies and practice are Scriptures based, esp Proverbs, h/e we can still improve further with beautiful Grace and deeper Truth, the paradise on earth, like Zurich, Geneva or Vienna.

Andrew Kuan

Anonymous said...

Whatever criticisms one may have of the PAP (and I do have some!), it is hard to gainsay that they've done, and continue to do, a pretty good job in Singapore. And one has the right to favour whatever political party one prefers, as pro-democracy critics surely must agree. You can even favour a party they don't like!

People like you are what keeps the PAP going, Choo Choo. You like the PAP just for what they do and the way Singapore is under their government, not for reasons of narrow self-interest or because you are their agent or running dog or whatever. Your views on this, as on other things, are utterly sincere.

You keep in touch with the criticism as well, which is now readily available over the internet (a big difference from the good old days). In other words you don't just favour them blindly, but at the end of the day you think on balance they are the best governing party.

James Dunlap
Hong Kong

The Oriental Express said...

Thanks Lappy. Appreciate all your feedback. No need to go into internet my dear brother. You can hear lots of murmuring and criticisms when you go to the market or when you are in a taxi. Surprisingly the happy taxi drivers seem to be the ones with extra good biz. After all every taxi driver is doing the same job. Did someone say that happiness and optimism attract good luck and favour from One above?

Cheers. I really hope lau ta and lau erh and everyone including your parents, Sow Fun, Stephen and Colkitto are keeping well.