Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wonderful neighbours- Aunty Helen (1)


Yong Ji at Tekka Food Centre, a popular stall with regular patrons.

Aunty Helen, as she is affectionately called, loves people.

Business is usually brisk with Aunty Helen's excellent food

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I enjoy living in Little India because I have wonderful neighbours. One of them is Aunty Helen as everyone affecionately calls her.

Aunty Helen operates a food stall at the Tekka Food Centre. She makes home made porridge, noodles, chee cheong fun with an assortment of fried chicken, beancurd, tofu, vegetables, etc. As her food is delicious and economically priced, she has a stream of customers patronising her business.

She starts work very early so that office staff and others can have an early breakfast. Many will take away the food to their office for consumption. I have ordered food from Aunty Helen for our Vietnam Toastmasters' Club and our company staff. They love her noodles and glutinous rice.

Yong Ji is closed on Sundays as Aunty Helen is a devout Christian. All food would have run out by around ten in the morning. Aunty Helen always likes to say, "Lui tarn bay liao", (Endless money to be earned - impossible to earn them all." "One must have a life of balance and quality", advises the wise, kind land helpful lady.
Knowing that I am a housing agent, Aunty Helen often recommends me to market her friends' properties.

Aunty Helen is also an animal lover and often cooks for Irin's dogs, Bobby and Bibi. She will be adopting one of Bibi's puppies.

Sometimes Aunty Helen will give me some of her noodles for lunch on her way back. Helen shared that since her secondary school days, she has loved cooking which probably explains why her food is so delicious. Food will always taste good, when there is love in the heart.

I enjoy living in Little India because of such lovely neighbours. Eveyone in the neighbourhood loves Aunty Helen's ready smile and cheerfulness.

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