Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happiness is .....(8)


Sister Ean Ean playing a piece with one of Mr. Yan's students, Heng Li.

Mr. Yan - an excellent and patient violin teacher and conductor of the Braddel Heights Symphony Orchestra

With sister Ean Ean, playing 1st violin

My first time playing the base drum during rehearsal!
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What a joy when Sister Ean Ean readily agreed to join me at our once monthly string ensemble rehearsal. I used to accompany my sister on the piano while she played the violin at various concerts and recording at Radio Malaysia when we were in our teens.

Sister has come to Singapore for a short vacation, and on this eve of Deepavali, it was thrilling and nostalgic to play the violin together. My sister is musically talented and she plays a few instruments, namely violin, piano, guitar, drums, accordian, just to name a few. My parents told me that when Sis was a little baby who had just learnt to stand on her two feet, she would already shake her little bump whenever she heard catchy music,very much like the little baby on U-tube who was spontaneous in her shaking. Really cute! I was extremely happy when Mr. Yan asked if I could play the bass drum. Of course, I seized the opportunity. Frankly, I was scared that I might make a mess of the whole practice, because the drum is a loud instrument, and if you make a mistake in timing, the flaw is most noticeable!
Fortunately, under the fine tutelage of Mr. Yan, I managed to enjoy myself.

I always look forward to the third Friday of every month for this is when we have our rehearsal, and I enjoy making music with like-minded and talented musicians. However, this evening, my joy is doubled because of sister Ean Ean's presence.

Music makes our world go round.!

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