Thursday, October 01, 2009

Service with Love

I was somewhat taken aback when I read in the news that Zhang Ziyi was turned away by a high-end boutique at Hilton Shopping Gallery. The excuse, "We are closed". Sometimes I passed by some of these boutiques and wonder how they could make money as their goods are costly and most of the time, there are few customers in the shops. To think that customers like Ziyi could be turned away. Wow! Incredible! The opportunity of making an extra few hundreds or thousands had gone down the drain!

I remember once when I was running Rialto at the Amara Shopping Centre, a regular customer came to look for food just when I had pulled down the shutters.

"Please, please cook something for us", the Indian customer pleaded. "We have just come from the airport."

I looked at him, his wife and two children. They looked famished and compassion filled my heart. I wanted to ask them to come to my home so that I could cook some food for them, but they insisted on eating at the food court.

"My chef and cook had gone back. If you do not mind my cooking, I can prepare your favourite bruschetta, salad and pasta vegetarian."

Hence, I took out all the ingredients and prepared the food for my customers. They also ordered a tiramisu and panacotta. Seeing how happy they were, I was also happy.

From this experience, I discovered my flair for cooking. My chef had never taught me to cook, but I had been observing him when he was cooking, and hence had subconsciously learnt the technique.

"We can't tell the difference ....the food is as good as the food served by the chef", complimented the customers, Mr. Gupta and his wife.

Though I was tired, I went home with a spring in my steps and a song in my heart.

I guess this is what service is all about ....going the extra mile for the customers.
Whether one is selling clothes, food, books, properties, etc. the customers are our bosses, because if they don't buy, the staff also cannot be paid!

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