Monday, October 12, 2009

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? (12)

I sometimes find it difficult to understand the mindset of some investors. It is interesting to note that buyers will flock to property exhibition of new projects and would snap up units just based on floor plans and beautifully designed models.

Yet, when they actually come to view a unit that has already been on the ground for a few years, they would be full of complaints and would be picky about orientation, building materials etc. I always remind clients that they cannot change the facing and orientation of a building, but whatever is internal can be redesigned according to their whims and budget. The internal is purely cosmetic.

Once a colleague told me that his client was getting exasperated with the hoards of buyers that turned up to view his rental unit. It was not convenient and easy to arrange viewing because of the existing tenancy. Yet, after two months, the owner still did not receive any offer. In exasperation, he finally said that whoever was interested to buy, would have to buy without viewing the $1.3 million apartment.
And ironically, somebody bought, and he bought without viewing!

Living in Singapore can be a many splendoured thing!

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