Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bibi's puppies


Bibi, quietly resting before delivery.

Hip! Hip! Hurray! 3 male and 3 female puppies!

The puppies' eyes are still closed, and all they want is sleep and more sleep.

Dr. James Tan showing Bibi her puppies.

Fernando Young had called me if I could help out as a language evaluator at the Toastmasters Club of Singapore, because someone had to back out at the last minute. I had to turn him down because my hunch told me that probably my neighbour Irin's dog, Bibi, might give birth to her puppies on Monday evening, and I would like to be around to help her if the need arises.

Bibi is only about 10 months old and my heart goes out to her as she is such a young dog, heavy with puppies. Irin had just adopted Bibi and had wanted to spay her but Bibi conceived unexpectedly. Irin's pet Shi-Tzu, Bobby, is the father of these puppies. Another neighbour, Helen, noticed that Bibi was unusually quiet. Helen and I had been cooking fresh fish and eggs for Bibi. Bibi's tummy had grown very big the past one week, and delivery time was almost near. Dr. James Tan, an excellent and experienced vet, advised that Caesarian would be a better option as the ex-ray revealed 6 fairly large puppies. Delivery by natural birth would be too painful and risky for the young mother.

I had never seen new born puppies and Irin's god-sister told me that puppies would be like new born hamsters with very little fur on their bodies. Hence, I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised when I saw Bibi's lovely puppies, with beautiful fur! Only some parts of the bodies like the paws, mouth and nose are a little transparent. I gave thanks to God for having given Bibi a safe delivery. Bibi lost a lot of blood, and Dr. James put her on a drip to ensure that her condition was stablised. After a couple of hours, Bibi's condition stablised and she was allowed to be brought home.

Irin's god sister was a great help as she is an experienced dog owner and lover. She helped to prepare a big box which is lined with mattress and cloths for Bibi and her puppies. Just then, one of the puppies excreted on Irin's hand. Little bits of poo. "The puppies had not drunk any milk....how come they can poo already?" I asked, somewhat sheepishly. "Don't forget they had been consuming in the mother's tummy", volunteered Irin's god-brother. "Oh! Yes! That's right! How silly of me!"

Amazing birth! Fascinating and awesome creation of God! The puppies take after the father, Bobby, as their bodies are quite long. When I looked at the beautiful litter of perfectly created puppies, I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I have always enjoyed Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery Channels, but for the first time I am seeing some newly born puppies in the flesh! I could not help the tears in my eyes. If God takes care of these little creatures, how much more would He take care of His highest form of creation - homo sapiens! To God be the glory!

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