Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Much Ado About Bibi's Puppies





Amazing! How dainty and perfectly made - the little toes, paws, little noses and transparent tongues! Interesting how the puppies' eyes could be closed, yet they could open their mouths so big and could automatically suck at the mummy's nipples.

The puppies must be fed every two hours, and Irin literally stayed round the clock to ensure it is done. Bibi would allow the puppies to suckle but after they have been fed, she does not want to be with the puppies. Maybe if she had delivered the puppies naturally, there might be better and natural bonding. The puppies were delivered by Caesarian ...hence the bonding is lesser.

Perhaps it takes time. Bobby, the father is somewhat bewildered. I wonder if both dogs understand and know what is going on. If only dogs could talk.....

Gan Chau
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