Sunday, October 25, 2009

Choo Choo Jetoy


The persuasive and amiable sales staff at Choo Choo Jetoy stall at Singapura Plaza.

Choo Choo dressed as Snow White asking "Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall!? Who's the fairest amongst us all?

Stickers creatively designed and packaged

Choo Choo vocabulary? Meow! Grrr! Tskk!

When Carrie bought me a Choo Choo notebook, I was touched but surprised for it costs $19.00! "Very expensive for a notebook!"

"But it's designer notebook by some artist in Korea."

When I was in Singapura Plaza, I came across the stall with the Choo Choo Jetoy goods. "We're the only one marketing the Jetoy products", proudly declared Li Li, the sales personnel. She is so chirpy and cheerful and looks like the most suitable person to be standing amidst the display of cute, colorful and charmingly designed products.

"Now we give 10 per cent discount for all products."

"If I were to tell you that my name is Choo Choo, do I get extra discount?"

Li Li looked at me, a little dumbfounded. She took a closer look at my company's lanyard with my name on.

"Ya cute! You're the first two legged Choo Choo I've met. I always thought Choo Choo is a nickname for some little kids. Ok, will give you another 5% discount. Am sure my boss will not mind."

I had already been to the stall three times, browsing through the items but left without buying anything. With $19.90, I could buy many note books from Value Store for the kids in Nepal. When I watched the Korean movie, Daughters-in-Law, on Channel U, and saw how Fuxui's mother, had gone to the shoe shop four times but left each time without buying, much to the frustration of the shop owner, I laughed. This was the fourth time I was at the stall, and my heart softened with Li Li's charming persuasion. Morever, having asked her about discount, and since she had given me 15% off, I felt it was not nice for me to leave without buying the tote bag. If I were to buy it, it would be the most expensive purchase for me at $49.00 after discount. Of course, with the price also comes the quality -the tote bag is well made and looks like it will be able to undergo much wear and tear.

I left the stall and a happy Li Li, grining from ear to ear, bade me goodbye! I left with a lighter wallet, but with a song in my heart. Now when people ask me for my name, I could just lift my tote bag and point to the name on the bag, "Choo Choo Jetoy, a lady full of joy!"

Gan Chau

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