Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happiness is ......(12)


Bright sunflowers from Holland! Beautiful flowers that always look to the Son (Sun).

Blueish purple petunias, one of my favourite flowers!

Can anyone help me with the name of this lovely plant with little red flowers?

White Jasmine flowers that ooze with such fragrant aroma!
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I love the wide corridors of my apartment block. It is so wide that I can grow herbal and flowering plants on both sides and still have space for a little round table with two chairs. For some reason, it is constantly breezy here, and this is my best friend, Amu's favourite spot. Happiness is drinking coffee and chit-chatting with Amu while basking in the breeze. Amu is also a keen gardener. In fact, it was partly because of her and eldest sister, that my interest in gardening became more enhanced. Amu had given me a curry leaf plant, and now it is growing so beautifully. Sometimes, I eat the leaves raw or use them for curry. It is said that eating raw curry leaves will help in strengthening the hair, and prevent it from greying! Now I understand why Indian ladies have such beautiful crowning glory!

I always use recycled water for my plants. Water from rice, barley, dahl, etc. is very good for the plants. Even when washing the blood off fish, etc. it is good to keep the water, although it is best to do it at night so as to minimise the pungent smell. I water late at night, so that by morning, the smell would have been greatly reduced. After rinsing off the soap from my plates and cups, I would save the water from the rest of the rinsing which are used to water the plants. The soapy water will be recycled and used for flushing the toilet bowls.

Happiness is waking up in the morning, and giving the plants their "little breakfast" of water. Sometimes I talk to my plants and sing, for I heard that plants love to be communicated with! A little bit of afternoon sun would stream into the corridor and even when it rains the plants will get watered too. Hence, on rainy days I don't have to water the plants.

I just love flowers for I see God's mighty handiwork of creation! Flowers are like extra beautiful ornaments on a lady. Flowers are like beautiful decorations on a Christmas tree! Flowers are like God's little presents to cheer us up! I enjoy watching the flowers grow from buds to full bloom!

After watering my plants and singing to my flowers, my spirit cannot help, but be uplifted. I know I have the strength to face whatever troubles or problems I may face during the day! Indeed, all of King Solomon's clothes cannot be compared to the beauty of flowers for their colorful petals are perfectly made!

Gan Chau


Anonymous said...

Hi Choo

The red flower with a tongue protrude out at the centre is called Lipstick Vine


The Oriental Express said...

Wow Wendy! Thanks! You are so knowledgeable about plants and dogs!