Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chelsea is back!



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Chelsea's owner, Shahnaz is on vacation with her family in Hong Kong. Hence I am "dog-sitting" Chelsea for a month.

Chelsea is such a wonderful dog and I miss her so much. Now, we go for long walks together and it is such a joy when strangers come up to her and pat her head.

Even my tenants, Jasmin and Avinesh like Chelsea. They marvel at the way she sleeps on the sofa, with her head perched on a pillow, very much like a dainty lady! She always greets me with her favourite ball in her mouth, and she will turn around a few times. Her favourite game is "Fetch the ball".

My neighbour's dog, Bobby, is excited about Chelsea's presence. Bobby will always come around my apartment in the hope of greeting Chelsea.

If any of my readers have a phobia for dogs I would encourage you to overcome your phobia. Dogs are such marvelous animals and they bring healing and joy to those who love them.

Gan Chau

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