Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Little Getaway!


Eldest sis is such a wonderful cook! Now you know why I have always been plump since young!

The electronic ping pong table which serves the ping pong to you! Hence you can play solo!

Eldest sister with her two older grandchildren, watching the television with rapt attention!

The airport bus which brings passengers from Johore Bahru to Senai Airport.!
I was the only passenger!

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Eldest sister had asked me to see her in Senai where she was staying with her son and family.

With so many committments, I could only make it on the eve of her departure. I enjoyed talking and playing with my little grand-nieces as they are very clever and entertaining.

Sister cooked a wonderful dinner as she also wanted to give me an early birthday celebration, and my nephew, Daniel, also came to join us.

I was delighted to find that Sophia, the second eldest daughter is musically inclined, and is learning the piano, violin, drums as well as ballet. The youngest one, Gloria, is extremely intelligent and would often listen to adult conversation. When she hears something funny, she will burst into laughter. Eldest sister shared with me one hilarious incident. She had persuaded the maid, Ati, to let the children help her now and then, such as sweeping, folding clothes, etc. However, the children had reiterated that Ati never wanted them to do anything. Optimistic Sophia comforted herself by saying that when she gets married, Ati will continue to work for her. However, the youngest one, Gloria, stunned everyone when she said,
"When I get married, Ati will be very old already and maybe also die already!" Sister was amused that at the tender age of four, she somehow has the concept of aging and death.

My niece-in-law, Dea, had thoughtfully arranged with the neighbour to give me a ride when he goes to work in Singapore, but unfortunately it did not materialise. Suddenly I thought it might be a better idea for me to send sister off and then I could take the airport bus to the city. Senai Airport is now undergoing expansion and renovation works. It costs only MR8 to take the airport bus which is a bout 45 minutes ride. I was pleasantly surprised that I was the onloy passenger. Wow! I was free to move from seat to seat!

It is always so refreshing to get a little break now and then, from the hustle and bustle of life in Singapore.

Gan Chau

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