Monday, May 24, 2010

Happiness is .....(35)


My two recruits, Jack and Adeline
A lunch treat from Division Group Director, Aveline Tan, seated next to Jack.
The gentleman beside Aveline is William, Aveline's husband. Yours truly standing
behind Maya.

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Our Division Group Director of Dennis Wee Group, Aveline Tan, insisted on giving me and my small group of recruits a lunch treat. She had suggested lunch at Laguna Park, but I thought it would be more economical to lunch at the Cafe Terrace at Raffles Town Club. Moreover, the location of Raffles Town Club is more central and accessible to everyone.

Happiness is when we have a good relationship with colleagues. Happiness is also when I leave my company at the peak of my performance and not when I am not doing well. My client, Geok Sim, shared how she left her company at the peak of her career. Happiness is also when my bosses understand that even when it would be wonderful to retain me, it is also time for me to move on to other pastures to try new things. And in this instance, when I would try my hands at training, something close to my heart. For teaching is and will always be my first love, as much as I enjoy selling real estate. Happiness is being able to teach and sell simultaneously.

My working partner, Dickson, with whom I often cobroke has often asked me to join his company at OrangeTee. However, as the office is located at Lower Delta Road and is not so easily accessible, I only decided to join Dickson when the office is relocated at Toa Payoh. Since I do not drive, it is of paramount importance for me to join a company which is near an mrt station.

Frankly, it is easier to stay put as I am so used to the system. Change is something many of us do not welcome as much, for it requires effort, adaptation, re-learning, etc. Yet change is imperative if we want to move around to try new things.

Gan Cao

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