Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happiness is .......(30)


Celebrating May Day with my best of friends at Tung Luk Restaurant
overlooking the Singapore River at Clarke Quay

The lovely semi-precious stone pendant that my friends like.

Soh Wah's first visit to C.T. Treasure at Furma City Centre Hotel.
Most customers like the friendly service staff, Jack Khoo
The lovely and reasonably priced costume jewellery

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I usually like to spend May Day at home, in quiet and joyful contemplation. However, this year, I decided to do something different. I decided to show my gratitude and thanks to my 3 special friends, Soh Wah, Amu and Geok Sim.

I have nominated Soh Wah to win the Mother's Day and Labour Day's Award for to me she is one of the best mothers and bank executives that I have met. It is amazing how she copes with her high flying career and still be a wonderful wife and mother. She is full of tireless energy! A multi tasker, my head reels when I see her running around the whole day long!

Amu and Geok Sim deserve to win the Labour Day's Awards too. Sim will be the Administrator of the Year, and Amu will be the Cleaner of the Year. Soh Wah, Sim and Amu are a blessing to whoever hires them. Sim is cool and efficient; nothing fazes her. I also wanted Amu to come out of her home as her ex-husband, Sarjeet had just passed away. I requested Amu to wear her lovely pink saree as I wanted to take a picture of all of us. I also wanted Amu to have a good meal as she had not been eating well the past week. I also wanted to thank my two friends, Soh Wah and Sim, for being such a blessing to me. Soh Wah always calls me up now and then to check on me. Now that I have a blog, she reads my blog everyday as she wants to touch base with me.

It was due to Geok Sim that I became interested in semi precious stones. Sim had brought me to a lovely store, C.T Treasure and in turn, Soh Wah too became fascinated by the beauty of precious stones. Hence after a wonderful set lunch at
Tung Luk, we walked to the nearby Furama City Centre Hotel where C.T. Treasure is located.

Amu had to head back for home, as many of her friends and relatives were still coming to her home to give their condolences. I was glad to be able to invite her out as it would at least give her some respite, and I was happy she enjoyed her lunch.

In the evening, I received an sms from Soh Wah, "Dear Choo, thk you for the fine dining, finer gifts and finest company. This is the Best Labour Day I have had". I am glad that Soh Wah, the wonderful mother and wife, had some time for herself. Sim said she had a memorable May Day and "Stones' Day.

Happiness is sharing similar interests with close friends and just "being there" for one another.

Gan Cao

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