Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Than Skin Deep......


The papaya looked so ripe and succulent!

Alas! The flesh was pale and not sweet!

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When I went to the new NTUC at City Square, I decided to buy a succulent looking papya at $1.80 and these papayas were from Hong Kong, as could be seen from the labels on the fruits.

As the flesh was still firm, I decided to wait for a couple of days before I cut it.
When I cut open the fruit, I was so disappointed! The flesh inside looked somewhat pale, and I knew it would not be sweet.

It is important that we do not judge a fruit by its skin at times, just as we cannot judge a man by his outward appearance. Eg. When anyone sees Mr. Chiam of the famous defunct Mitre Hotel, he might see Mr. Chiam as a karang guni man, with his trolley of newspapers, plastic container, coconut, umbrella, etc. No one would guess that he is a multi millionaire and a graduate with not one, not two, not three but four university degrees!

Once a middle aged man, a Mr. Tan, came to view my client's condomium. He was in T-shirt and slippers. I treated him just as cordially as I did the other more well-groomed clients. Hence I was extremely happy when he was the one who bought the unit. He even shared that he would not be taking any bank loan, and that the property was a wedding gift to his youngest son! What a lucky son!

Though Mr. Tan spoke in dialect and appeared rough and weather-beaten, I would not judge him because if he had taken the trouble to view the property, it implied he must have the ability to purchase the unit.

"I like your friendliness and down-to-earth attitude. You are not proud like some other agents. They see me wear slippers and t-shirt, they think I got no money.
Lim peh oo lui! (I have the cash!) Mien gun tang (Don't need the bank!) My company - public-listed one," Mr. Tan almost roared.

It would be good for us to constantly remind ourselves never to judge a book by its cover. A cover may sometimes expose some unexpected and surprising revelation!

Gan Cao

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