Monday, May 03, 2010

When Will China Ever Wake Up?


Chinese slippers sold at Walmart

Chinese slippers sold at IMM, Singapore

Red burning blisters caused by wearing the slippers

Wounds gradually healing, but leaving the victim with fear of things made and
manufactured in China

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My friend, William Kuong Su, forwarded me the above email.


This is very true as I heard it in news from one of our local radios
that our government has to be extra careful on these cheap imports
from china. These include clothes, food, toys, slippers and even
glasses because the Chinese are using some strong but cheap chemical
in their manufacturing of the goods. Cheap is becoming expensive and at the same
time fatal. I nearly bought one pair of the slippers below for myself
last week at the Japanese $2 shop at IMM last week. "

I have enough of the atrocities of some of the people in China. They are only keen to line their pockets without any regard for the safety and health of others.

Now my friends in Canada and America have written to me that they have lost their confidence in China, and are plainly avoiding goods from China.

First, we have the problems associated with China milk, China toys and now Chinese slippers! What next?

I visited China in 1988, just a year before the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing. Since then I have never revisited China, nor do I want to go there again. One of our relatives shared how she tasted dung in the piece of lettuce served with some braised pork.! The vegetable had not been washed clean. Probably the cook thought that it was only used to line as a base for the braised pork, and did not expect any customer to eat it. Hence the carelessness in the washing! I do not know whether I will be served with dog meat or chicken which cost one yuan because they had died. Fresh chicken would cost three yuan. These people would go early to the farms to purchase chicken that had died from sickness or disease because they could save money. These people would have no qualms about saving costs and sugar coat the dead chicken with spices to make them tasty!

It has been about ten years since Bo Yang published his book, "The Ugly China Man".
How insightful and forward looking of him! The truth will always hurt, but if people are not courageous enough to face the truth, they would never learn and

When will the country with the oldest civilisation wake up?

Gan Cao

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