Sunday, May 16, 2010

Know the Media Workshop


What a great way to laugh! Lynda Neo and Gea Ban Peng laughing their hearts out!

The attractive and vivacious Loo Mei Mei, engaging her participants
in a lively discussion.

Our humorous district champion, Ng Cher Khim, as usual, posing his humorous and witty question!
A group photo before we sing "Auld Lang Syne".

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As a property agent, my weekends are particularly the busiest and most important.
However, there are times when I feel that other matters are more important than my work. One such matter was the Media Workshop conducted by Loo Mei Mei at the Braddell Heights Advanced Toastmasters Club which was held on a Saturday afternoon.

The versatile and attractive Loo Mei Mei was an ex-beauty queen, SIA stewardess, media veteran, professional emcee and a veteran toastmaster, who now wants to give back to toastmasters.

The participants were mostly ladies as the topics would probably appeal more to the ladies as it also involved grooming and image. However, we had a few gentlemen who wanted to improve their forte in handling the media.

We were divided into three groups and everyone had fun. One group launched the brand new model of Toyota Lady's Camry, and another group role played the key personnel at the opening ceremony of Marina Bay Sands Resort. Much creativity was displayed especially by the group launching its own brand of lingerie - Sensuous. Our Vice President of Education, Goh Sor Hoon acted as Madam Ho Ching. There was much laughter and the observers who acted as journalists from different organisations were witty and sharp with their arrowed questions.

Everyone went back, feeling that it was a well spent afternoon of learning, fun and laughter. Everyone felt a little more equipped to handle the media in the near future.

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