Wednesday, May 19, 2010

TGIF! Thank God It's Friday!


A great way relax on a Friday evening at a pub!

Sitting at a table opposite Market Street Carpark and observing everything
around me!

It's so lovely, walking along Robinson Road and realising that old buildings
have made way for new ones.
While others chill out by drinking beer, I chill out by drinking soya milk.
I just love the tissue pancakes!

After I met my client at the International Plaza to sign a tenancy agreement, I decided to walk to the Raffles MRT Station. I did not want to take the train at Tanjong Pagar for it meant that I still had to take another train at Raffles MRT Station.

The weather was cool and breezy, and it made walking a joy. As I was walking along, I noticed that some new buildings have sprung up. I also noticed that quite a number of restaurants were still offering dinner. I was happy when I saw how happy and relaxed people were as they were coming out of their office buildings.

Suddenly I remember it was a Friday! No wonder! People were in the TGIF mood. The pubs were quite crowded with customers wanting to let their hairs down. I also noticed that quite a number of ladies were smoking. It was lovely to see people relaxing after five days of stressful work. Since I don't quite like beer, I decided to buy some soya bean milk and tissue pancakes. My client, Amelia, had given
me a treat of the pankcakes before and that was how I realised how delicious it was.

I met a friend from the Katong Toastmasters' Club, Elaine. She is also one of the volunteers at our Changi Prison speechcraft workshop. Elaine was rushing off for her piano lessons. Rush! Rush! Rush! Life is certainly hectic for some.

I thought of walking all the way back to my apartment in Little India, but as my back was starting to ache again, I decided to take the train back instead.

For us agents, we certainly don't celebrate TGIF! Indeed, Fridays and weekends are
the busier part of the week for us who are dealing with sales and rentals of properties. For some agents, it is TGIM! Thank God It's Monday!

I guess for me it is TGED! Thank God every day!

Gan Cao

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