Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Noble Friend


Amu, dressed in her lovely pink saree for lunch at Tung Luk Restaurant

Amu with her beloved sister Maya and husband, Nathan at DWG Dinner & Dance
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I thank God for my precious friends. Among them is a very special lady, Amu. I still remembered the first time when I met Amu when she came to Rialto for an interview. Someone had recommended her to work as a dishwasher. I took to Amu the first time I met her. I like her personality and I instinctively sensed she would be a good staff. I was right. Amu is one of the best and most loyal staff. Although
Amu could not read, I promoted her and taught her to make salad, pizzas and desserts. She soon learnt to cook pasta as well. She committed everything to memory.

Through the last twelve years that I got acquainted with Amu, we went through thick and thin. Recently Amu's ex-husband, Sarjeet passed away. Amu divorced him because he had another woman. The woman left Sarjeet when he became broke and ill with cancer. Amu still helped to look after Sarjeet at the Hospice, visiting him everyday after her work.

The doctors and staff at the Hospice were impressed by Amu's compassion and dedication. I was glad that Sarjeet realised his mistakes and reconciled with and appreciated his ex-wife albeit a little too briefly before he passed away.

Amu also dotes on her nephews and nieces, children of her younger sister, Maya. They in turn also love Amu.

Amu will be celebrating her birthday soon and I have arranged to celebrate for her at the Raffles Town Club. I thank God for bringing Amu into my life and for giving me the opportunity to learn many things from Amu. Though Amu may be illiterate, she is wiser than many educated people that I have met. I guess wisdom is gleaned from knowledge learned from rich experiences.

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