Monday, May 10, 2010

One Man's Sashimi is Another Lady's Jewellery!


Soh Wah, discussing with Nelson about our trip to London for Ning's wedding.

A lovely picture quartz. Intricate carvings of a three dimensional floral arrangement can be seen on the quartz.

Lovely semi precious stones which cost less than S$40/-! God's wonderful creation!
Lovely South Sea pearls with their natural lustre

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After church service on Mother's Day, I went down to Chinatown at ASA Travel and Tours to meet my best friend, dyanamic Soh Wah. She was working for half a day at her office even though it was a Sunday, and a Mother's Day to boot. A friend wanted me to join her and her family for mother's day celebration, but I turned down the offer because I was afraid I might cry, just thinking of my late beloved mother.

Soh Wah is as usual - bubbly and chirpy like a lark. I never ceased to be amazed by her abundant energry and stringent time management. A high flyer at her bank, she still has time to drive her two sons around for school and tuition, entertain relatives from overseas, etc.

As Soh Wah had not yet eaten her lunch while I had mine at the church, we went to a restaurant run by some people from China. I told Soh Wah that I had read in the papers about a Japanese Restaurant offering some set lunch at $750/- per person! We have heard about some Reunion Dinner that costs $2,000/-per diner. Gosh! I would never be able to bring myself to spend so much money on food which would be enjoyed momentarily and soon excreted from the body! The $2000/- would buy me some lovely jewellery which I can use and reuse and continue to admire and let others admire for a long, long time. I can even pass on these pieces of jewellery as an inheritance.

Witty Soh Wah immediately said, "Choo, I understand. One man's sashimi is another lady's jewellery!"

We both ended up laughing very hard! "Very well said, Soh Wah," I declared.

When friends are of the same mind, they connect like the three main wires in a cable!
Happiness is being one of the three wires.

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