Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Favourite Haunt.....


My favourite haunt - Clarke Quay, just 3 mrt stops away from my home.

I enjoy sitting on the steps by the river, and basking in the beauty
and serenity of the atmosphere.

Bridge over clear water. The Singapore River has been cleaned up!

The tall, round building was the former Westin Hotel! I climbed 1336 steps to the helipad!

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The Government has been attempting to make Singapore a city where one can live, work and play. Of late, many changes and improvements have been made. This is particularly noticeable to someone like me who lives right in the heart of the city in Little India.

Now I can just hop into the train and arrive at a particular place easily where I can enjoy my shopping as well as eating out. I must say that Clarke Quay has become my favourite haunt. From Little India MRT, it is only 3 stations away. Central has a good variety of shops as well as resaturants and cafeterias.

Sometimes, Amu and I will just sit on the steps by the river, and there we can enjoy some pumpkin seeds, nuts, and other treats. It is fun to enjoy the river scene where river taxis with many tourists will pass by. I like the shimmering river as it dances with the beautiful colours of neon lights.

Sometimes, I would even walk back to my apartment, especially when the weather is cooler and more windy.

Gan Cao

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