Friday, May 21, 2010

"Man Mountain, Man Sea!"

The huge crowds of passengers that could be seen during the peak hours of the day!

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I first visited China in June 1988, just a year before the Tienanmen Massacre. I could still remember my culture shock when I saw so many people on bicycles in Shanghai. "Ren san, ren hai!" declared plump Uncle Hsu who was one of the group members. I was only starting to learn some Mandarin, and I translated literally, "Man mountain, man sea". Oh! I see. What an accurate and vivid description of the massive gathering of people.!

Of late, I have noticed that our little island of Singapore is also getting very crowded. I remember that when one took a train during the non peak hours, one would still be able to find a seat. Now it seems that the mrt is always crowded with people the whole day long. During peak hours, the trains are like containers of packed sardines.

I guess in China it is still alright to have "man mountain, man sea" because the country is enormous. However, in our tiny island of Singapore, some people like myself, might feel somewhat claustrophobic. Even my best friend, Amu, just shared with me that she often prefers to take a 15 minutes walk to the mrt station to taking the crowded bus during the peak hours.

Even for someone like me who is not familiar with buying stocks and shares, I dare to bet my three beloved doggies, Kamlette, Kambobo and Kam Xiaobai, that MRT shares are definitely good to acquire - the price will definitely go up and up, as more lines are added and cars are getting beyond the reach of many.

Gan Cao

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