Friday, April 30, 2010

Much ado about men with the 5Cs......

I often look at my yahoo mail, but forget about my gmail. Hence when I remembered the other day, I looked at my google mail and was surprised I had over 100 emails, and lots of references to facebook.

Only then did I realise that many friends have sent me photos, wrote messages, etc.
I came across one by Yuan Ping, a toastmaster with the Teach Me Toastmasters' Club. I had helped the club with language evaluation and cooked some food for their refreshments a number of times. Yuan Ping, a cheerful young lady, is somewhat shy and does not easily make light chatter with me. Hence I was very surprised when I read what she had written on my facebook wall.

"Yuan Ping Ruby Lee : Would you have a romantic thing with Kam Choo Choo if you could?

Kam Choo Choo : Ha! Ha! What romantic thing? Not easy for any guy to win my affection because of the high standard set by my beloved papa who was compassionate, committed, charismatic, communicative and Christ-like. The 5Cs I am looking for - so hard to find!

Ha! Ha! Did not realise you are so oooo ooooooooo cheeky Yuan Ping.
When you have found the guy with the 5Cs... please introduce him to me, can? Does not matter if he only has secondary school education. Papa also had limited education, but he communicated and wrote like a well-trained toastmaster! Does not matter if he only has a humble job so long as he is diligent and honest! Papa was the most loved teacher in his school. Does not matter if he does not look like Andy Lau or Peter Gere, because looks are deceptive and fade with age, but the person with a golden heart, shines till he enters the coffin.

Good luck my dear Yuan Ping. The person I am looking for is a man in a million like my beloved papa ..... and with our limited need a miracle! Maybe, now with globalisation.....there is still some hope?! :-)

I guess I have to add that I have been and am blissfully single all these 56 years and 247 days of my life. There are so many interesting things to do and learn. My latest craze is semi-precious stones. I realise that these stones are so beautifully made by the great Creator, and looking at them brings me much joy, peace and contentment and the constant realisation that I am not alone - that if God is interested to make such lovely things for His people to enjoy - what more do I need to ask? Somehow 50% of the people I meet are divorcees - lovely people, but I do not know why their marriage still ends in divorce. Married life is just too stressful.

There are still so many countries to visit; languages to learn, instruments to play, people to meet, articles to write, books to read, testimonies to share, new dishes to cook, movies to watch, new herbal plants to grow, speeches to make, etc. Wish there were 48 hours in a day.

Unless the person I meet is an interesting and versatile man like my papa, I guess it is difficult to stay blissfully married till death do us part.

Cheers Yuan Ping.! Tata! (Bye bye)! Hey! All the best to you too and may you find the ideal man in your life too, yes?


Amazing what people can do on Facebook. Now I understand why my good friend, Geok Cheng, likes Facebook so much. She often gets exasperated with me, for she knows that I hardly bother with Facebook. However, now as the Vietnamese members often communicate through Facebook and post pictures and articles about their clubs on Facebook, I should try to be more diligent and alert.

Happy facebooking!

Gan Cao

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