Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Much Ado About Star Awards in Singapore!

I had purposely set aside time to watch the recent Star Awards because I had voted for my favourite stars - Chen Hanwei, Tay Ping Hui, Dai Yangtian, Jeanette Aw and Joanne Peh. I am glad that all these had won for popularity and Chen Hanwei had also won the best actor's award for "Daddy at Home". He deserves it because he is one of the most versatile actors on local television. I love his recent role as Wufu, the village fool, in "The Best Things in Life". Wufu made me laugh and cry, and his words of wisdom have been etched in my memory.

However, I wonder why TV Media Corp must invite Taiwanese presenters like Regine Li-Ching and Mark Chao. These two seem to have little dignity in their work. Amazing what they themselves have revealed. Mark said that he and Li Ching had not discussed how to go about presenting the awards, and that he would just go along with her. To Mark's surprise, Li Ching had also told him that she did not know what she'd say. Just because MediaCorp has asked Li Ching to prolong the time of presentation, it does not imply that she could just repeatedly hug Mark to kill time!
If this is Li Ching's idea of fun, she is indeed insulting the intelligence of her audience. She has forgotten that anything done excessively is ABSOLUTELY BORING! When she realised that many television viewers were riled by her flirty and boring antics, she was defensive and said, "If people understand the whole idea of entertainment, they won't react so strongly. She added, "Of course, the fact that Chao is good-looking comes as a bonus".

I cannot believe that Li Ching is such a shallow presenter. Hugs are not only for good looking people but the emotional benefits of hugs for little children, friends, loved ones, etc. are much needed. Even hugs for the sick, weak and poor are badly needed for they are therapeutic.

I am sure that if MediaCorp were to get presenters from the toastmaster's club, the audience would have been more greatly entertained. The presenters would surely plan and discuss what they would touch on. If asked to prolong the show, they would think of entertaining and creative things for the award-winning artistes to do. They would draw up a list of topics which would be of relevance to the artistes on stage. This would be derived from their knowledge of the movies the artistes had acted in, etc.
Having been trained on table topics, the toastmaster presenters would be witty and quick on their entertaining repartees, and not waste stage time by endless hugging and boring tactics! Do attend one of our yearly Division and District Contests, and you will realise the difference!

I hope that for the next Star Awards, MediaCorp will take my suggestion into consideration. Toastmasters' activities are voluntary, and toastmasters are passionate in whatever tasks have been given to them. MediaCorp could donate the huge amount of money saved by employing boring presenters like Li Ching to needy orphans and elderly folks.

I sincerely hope that all presenters on stage would take their work seriously for Star Awards involve about 2 to 3 hours of stage time. The audience who watch the program on television at least have the liberty to multi task. I could exercise even as I watch the program, and during commercial breaks, could read my books, polish my silver, clean the apartment, etc. However, the audience in the hall have to sit through the whole program. This is why I was so happy when I saw that President Nathan and his wife were not at the Star Awards this time.

I wish everyone in MediaCorp all the best. Kudos to MediaCorp for the great improvement in their production of television serials. Keep it up!

Gan Cao

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anything said...

I totally agree with you. I totally dissed her.

I am sure Xiao S would have done a better job million times over her!