Saturday, April 24, 2010

Excuse Me, Are You A Property Agent? ...(24)

Yesterday, I read about the plight of the two lawyers who were made bankrupt after their partner, Zulkifli Mohd Amin skipped town with more than $10 million. I am glad Justice Tay Yong Kwang is wise to let the two men continue with their legal work, so that they could continue to pay their creditors. I hope that Mr. Sadique and Mr. Anand, would continue to work hard and pick themselves up again.

I felt sad for the two lawyers whose plight was caused by their wrong choice of a partner who was greedy and manipulative. If not for God's protection and blessings, my client and I too might have been a victim of the unscrupulous Zulkifli Mohd Amin.

Our Divisional Director had asked us agents from Dennis Wee Group to try and give legal transactions to Zul for he had been quite supportive of our company's events and functions. I passed a client's case to him. It was a purchase of a small office unit in Orchard Road, costing about $1.2 million. My client did not want to borrow much money from the bank, and hence had to pass quite a lot of cash to Zul. Somehow when I was talking to Zul, I suddenly began to feel uneasy, and there was something about him which put me on my guard. Yes, he was too suave and I don't take to men who talk superficially.

Zul suddenly asked me why I was often happy and smiling. I told him that everyone of us would have problems of one kind of another; but we should all be over comers for the Creator will never leave us alone to fight our battles. I shared with him how I would never go after my enemies, but to pray for them and to let God deal with them. I have seen how time and time again, God would handle things so fairly. I told Zul that people who take advantage of others are fools, for even if they do not fear men, they should at least fear the One above, for He sees everything and will go after the bullies!

Suddenly Zul stared at me for a while. I asked if anything was troubling him.

"No, no, not at all", the confident lawyer seemed to be mumbling!

When my client read about Zul's case in the Straits Times, she called me.

"Choo, luckily, my matter is all nicely settled. How dangerous and risky!" she said.

I told me my client that I prayed everyday about her case, that God would not allow anything to go wrong and to bring the whole transaction to a good conclusion.

Praise God for His protection. As for Zul, I do not know where he is hiding now.
He can hide from men, but he can never hide from the One up there. Is Zul truly happy and peaceful even with the $10 million in his pockets? Isn't life more than just merely eating, drinking and sleeping? Zul has been endowed with brains or he would not have qualified as a lawyer, but sadly he has misused his brains.

I have also learnt that no matter how clever I think I am, I am limited by my human ability and fragility - I always need God's grace and blessings.

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