Saturday, April 10, 2010

On top of the world .......


With my niece-in-law, Jacelyn at the Singapore Flyer

The newly-wed couple, Daniel, my nephew with his lovely and demure wife, Jacelyn

Friendly and loveable school children in the car next to ours!

The temporary Stadium at Marina, viewed from above!
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My niece, Christmin and her husband, James had bought a ticket to the Singapore Flyer for Kam Ning, during her one month teaching stint, but Ning had been so busy that she could not use the ticket. Hence, I was blessed with the ticket which had 3 more days to the expiry date. Frankly, I am one lazy person who dislike going out of the flat when I am in Singapore. However, when I am travelling in othe countries, I will enjoy every moment of sightseeing. For it is when I really let my hair down.

Since my nephew, Daniel and his wife, Jacelyn were visiting me from Johore, I decided to take them along with me to the Singapore Flyer on the last day of expiry date. It was the first experience for all three of us. It rained quite heavily as we were gradually on our way up. Yet it looked beautiful, giving that feeling of "being in heaven" with the mist and haze!

We saw some schoolchildren in the next car. One of them was particularly cute and friendly and kept waving to us. Kids are always the most natural and spontaneous.
They always seem to enjoy themselves, come rain or shine.

If I want to have a night view of the city, I will not want to take the Flyer again because it costs $29.90! I will go to my client's 17th floor apartment at Rocca Balestier for it has 340 degree view of the city!

Going up the Singapore Flyer is indeed a terrific way to have a bird's eye view of lovely Singapore island!

If my local and overseas readers have not tried it before, do make it a point to go
up the Flyer at least once. You will definitely enjoy the ride!

Gan Cao

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