Sunday, April 18, 2010

The New Colours of Tekka !


MM Lee with his team of Ministers

Tekka - rejuvenated and bursting with new colours!

Mr. Lui Tuck Yew giving away the lucky prizes in the Grand Draw
With Aunty Helen and friendly neighbours at the revamped Tekka Food Centre

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There I was, one early morning, at my neighbour, Aunty Helen's foodstall at the Tekka Market. Aunty Helen's food sells out fast each day. She is really popular with her customers.

Aunty Helen was extremely pleased to see me because of late, even though we are living on the same floor and only two doors away from each other, she had not seen me for quite a while, as I was out most of the time. She told me that MM Lee Kuan Yew was going to visit Tekka Market as he was the guest-of-honour. I decided I would pop in to participate in the event and also to take a look of our beloved PAPA of PAP. I remember when I was in Primary Five, I saw MM Lee on our neighbour's black and white television in Penang. I did not know who the then Prime Minister of Singapore was, for I saw him as an "Ah Pek" (old man) who talked oh, so slowly on the screen. I was quite a precocious and lively primary school girl who rattled off like a choo-choo train, and thought that anybody who talked so slowly must be absolutely boring !! Of course, now I realise how great the "apek" on T.V. is, and he is one of the greatest and most prolific of speakers, because when he speaks, the world listens! Thanks to my siblings, teacher-training, and toastmasters' programs, I have learnt to slow down when I speak, and not rattle off like a train. However, my classmates in the French Immersion Program have told me that my name suits me to a tee, because I am lively and constantly on the move, like a real train! Dear parents, be mindful of the names you give to your children, yes?

As I was running late, after meeting up with my client, Geok Sim, at the Raffles Town Club for lunch and gym workout, I decided to go straight to the Tekka Market, lugging my trolley bag along with me. The market was filled with an air of excitement, and soon our beloved MM Lee arrived, with his group of ministers. He later took the new lift up to the highest floor of Block 662 and waved to everyone.

I bought a coupon for $3/- which was real value for money, for it came with a lovely packet of nasi lemak from Lee Brothers, pop corns and nuts. It also entitled me to play some games. I tried the little golf game, and at the first attempt had a hole-in-one! The game masters asked me if I often play golf, but I told him that it was my first time trying to hit a golf ball! Just sheer luck, I guess.!
Mr. Lui Tuck Yew drew the lucky prizes for the grand draw. There were pictures and even a television screen showing the new route of the Downtown line 2. I am excited about this new Downtown line, because it will reduce my journey to Changi Airport. I would also be able to easily visit Geok Sim who lives in Bukit Panjang.

Later, I found Aunty Helen with her grand niece, Joanne and some of her friends. Aunty Helen has lived in Little India for the past 20 years, and she knows almost everybody in the vicinity! Aunty Helen's friend asked me to help her friend look for a hdb apartment in Tampinese. I went home, with a spring in my steps and a song in my heart. I dare say that of all the places I have lived in Singapore, I enjoy living in Little India the most! It is an estate filled with technicolours, warm hearts and caring neighbours!

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