Thursday, April 01, 2010

What a Wastage of Energy !


The lights on the ceiling are redundant when the day is so bright.!

A very thirsty little koala begging for water from a kind cyclist.
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Usually, I would know the time when my favourite 7p.m. television program is on just by looking at the lights along the corridors of my HDB apartment. Everyday, at the strike of 7p.m. the lights would be switched on and at the strike of 7a.m. the lights would be switched off! Wonderful!

However, I wonder why the same cannot be applied for all the ceiling lights at MRT stations? I notice that the lights would still be on throughout the day! The picture above is an example of what I mean. Mind you. There are so many huge bulbs on the ceiling, and you multiply that by the current 75 MRT stations and some 21 LRT stations the energy wasted is enormous! There will be many more stations coming up in the near future.

Why can't the authorities apply the same "on and off" as seen in HDB aparment corridors? Yesterday, I read in the papers that electricity tariffs will rise again next month due to fuel oil price hikes over the last three months. The new rate will increase by 3 per cent to 23.56 cents per KWh.

Other than our pockets being affected, more importantly is the effort to save the earth. Our world is getting hotter and hotter, so much so that even the shy koalas have to overcome their reservation to come down from the trees to beg for water!

Let us all do our part to conserve energy and think of ways to help make the world a little cooler to live in. I hope the picture of the poor little koala will touch the hearts of my readers and make them remember to always try to conserve and preserve.

Gan Cao

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